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August 23, 2010

Hoping Biden is right for a change

Contributed by Warren Mowry

Fox News is reporting today that Vice President Biden is declaring today that al Qaeda in Iraq has “utterly failed” and that Iraqis are ready to take charge of their own country as US troops withdraw.  Given Biden’s almost unerring wrongheadedness on Iraq, this claim might be of considerable concern to most Americans.  Let’s review the last 20 years or so of Joe Biden on Iraq for proof.

First, in 1990, Biden voted against the First Gulf War (with a Republican in the White House), even though Saddam Hussein had invaded Kuwait, his second incursion against a neighbor in barely a decade.  

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August 20, 2010

Going Rogue on the NY Mosque Controversy?

Contributed by iPlan

Have you ever noticed that there is no toleration for the “open exchange of ideas within the Muslim community?”  Want to test my hypothesis?  All you have to do is go to Saudi Arabia with 50 copies of the Holy Bible in your carryon bag, and see what happens.  If you even make it through airport security, head out to the town square, and start handing these Bibles out, while reciting your favorite Billy Graham sermon.  Let me tell you brother, there’s room at the cross for you, and you’ll soon meet Jesus ~ possibly in the very town square you began your sermon.

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August 19, 2010

Can Obama follow Clinton’s lead & turn loss into win?

Contributed by Warren Mowry

Though it’s still WAY too early to even contemplate a victory lap barely 80 days from the November elections, in mid-August it’s undeniably better to be a Republican than a Democrat.  Reduced to personal attacks (so much for calls to end the “politics of personal destruction”), Democrats are in a shambles nationwide.  Democrats are fleeing from Obama and his policies.  

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August 18, 2010

Life: Observations on the value of us

Contributed by Vince Williams

With all the heated debates and arguments about abortion the true meaning of being pro-life seems to get lost in the emotions.  I thought I would write an article about why I am pro-life and what that means.

I am a Catholic Christian.  My Faith teaches me that God created the Universe and everything in it and holds it in existence by an act of His will.  

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August 11, 2010

Sweets For The Sweet

Contributed by Jodi Paige

I just watched a You Tube video of two parents giving their baby his first taste of Pop Rocks.  It made me wonder if I’m the only parent who, when her first baby was born, considered the idea of never giving her child anything but all-natural, whole, organic foods.

I knew after my baby was born, I had the opportunity to see that my child developed a palate for macrobiotics.  I could rear this child so that the very idea of something deep-fried, sugarcoated, or packed in preservatives would cause him to run screaming.

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August 10, 2010

Pedal on Down to This Paradise City

Contributed by the misplacedmtnman

Thumbing through this month’s issue of Greater Columbia Business Monthly, I came across an interesting little one-page article all about Joe Mellet, the “leader, spokesman and visionary” for a new “Bicycle Only” subdivision in Lexington County. The basic idea is, automobiles would be restricted to parking lots on the periphery of the neighborhood so that only non-motorized vehicles of the two-wheeled sort would be found within the 140-acre development. Service roads for emergency vehicles would of course be provided, but residences in this “high-minded scheme” would be occupied by bicycle enthusiasts only.

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August 9, 2010

Predictions of disaster for GOP’s ‘run right’ playbook?

Contributed by Warren Mowry

A politician should know he’s really in trouble when his two loudest trumpeters are a sportswriter ( ) and a former theater critic  ( .

August 6, 2010

Longtime Dems lining up to jump ship

Contributed by Warren Mowry

So . . . apparently it’s not just conservatives anymore.  It’s Michael Dukakis’ campaign manager. ( It’s also, respectively, Jimmy Carter’s pollster, and someone who has worked in both Bill and Hillary’s campaigns and who currently works for the ultraliberal Jeff Greene in Florida ( who have some considerable question about Obama’s direction and undeniable tin ear. Now if only Bill Moyers would see the light, we’ll have someone from every Democrat presidential inner circle since 1963 expressing doubts.

I know, I know, I should expect the discovery of Bigfoot, the Tooth Fairy, and Charlie Rangel’s ethics before this last, but who says we can’t dream?

August 5, 2010

Grappling with Graham’s Gayness

Contributed by the misplacedmtnman

One of the most ridiculous and mean-spirited insults that Senator Lindsey Graham has had foisted upon him recently is the charge that he is gay. Now come on, there are numerous issues that we could debate with our representative, there are several questionable votes for which we could criticize him, but his sexual orientation? As with race in this country, I thought we were supposed to have moved past this sort of thing!

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August 5, 2010

The Magic Age

Contributed by Win Hughey

What is the magic age? This is the question I find the hardest to understand. Is it an age of enlightenment when a child becomes an adult and is given the great responsibility of casting a vote? Whether the vote is for school board or the president, what a great weight this young American bears. Or is this the magical age when that same American is old enough to walk in to the corner market and purchase a cold beer and a smoke?   Do not misunderstand me, the age that we choose is not as important to me as the inconsistency of these ages, “as long as it is not made 55.”

The odd thing about both of these privileges is they are both mandated by the Federal Government. What makes them mature enough to vote, enlist, get married, buy a car or enter into a binding contract but not wise enough to enjoy a cold adult beverage on a hot summer day?

The answer is the loss of States Rights via the infusion of Federal funds.