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February 21, 2011

How to save education in SC

Contributed by Michael Gass

Lower taxes. If we don’t regulate business, if we simply stay out of their business, the market will handle itself. That is what the Republican Party has pushed for decades. In South Carolina, the reality is that lower taxes means less revenue to pay for services. Instead of “handling itself”, letting corporations run amok has led to higher unemployment, higher rates for products and services while receiving less, and a system that has almost crashed the nation due to greed. And, it’s no different in South Carolina. South Carolina faces almost a billion dollar shortfall in this year’s budget.

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February 8, 2011

Climate change: The truth is STILL out there

Contributed by Warren Mowry

The ongoing debate over regulation of “greenhouse gases” and the attempts of the EPA to bypass Congressional legislation by regulating emissions has reached a head recently.  Given the overwhelming number of scandals related to the “scholarship” surrounding climate change activism and the outright fraud associated with much of its statistical analysis, it is somewhat of a surprise that this continues to be a viable issue.  But because it is part of the Left mantra, it does.

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February 7, 2011

Is ‘The State’ falling down on the job?

Contributed by Michael Gass

The State newspaper in South Carolina is cracking the whip; unfortunately, you won’t find evidence of this in their editorial pages. You won’t open your paper and find the headline, “GOP continues to strangle SC services.” You won’t find an editorial eviscerating Gov. Nikki Haley for wanting to eliminate all personal and corporate income taxes at a time when the state already faces a $829 million dollar budget shortfall. You won’t find a reporter from The State on the doorstep of the Republican Party headquarters demanding solutions. No, The State newspaper has instead cracked the whip on commenters on their web site. Taunting, you see, is an offense worthy of having your posting privileges blocked. 

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February 1, 2011

GOP ’12 Top Ten: February

Contributed by Shell Suber

Last month I posted my ranking of the “Top Ten” likely GOP presidential candidates. Well, a whole entire month has passed and so here are my new rankings.

Current rank. Name (Last month’s rank) – Comments

1.  Mitt Romney (1)  – Name recognition and money give him frontrunner status, albeit tenuous. A polished candidate and persuasive speaker but his former strength (healthcare) is now seen as a weakness.

2. Mike Huckabee (3) – Well known and generally perceived as a very likable, decent man, which is accurate. But is he presidential enough for voters?

3. Haley Barbour (4) – If you listed ALL the favors owed to ALL the other candidates by Republican leaders throughout the country, Barbour’s list would be longer. The more Republicans hear his plainspoken style, the more they will like. (Disclaimer – He’s a friend.)

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