Life: Observations on the value of us

Contributed by Vince Williams

With all the heated debates and arguments about abortion the true meaning of being pro-life seems to get lost in the emotions.  I thought I would write an article about why I am pro-life and what that means.

I am a Catholic Christian.  My Faith teaches me that God created the Universe and everything in it and holds it in existence by an act of His will.  Think of it this way.  If I take a chair and stand it on one leg it will stay on that one leg as long as I, as an act of my will, hold it there.  As soon as I stop holding the chair it will return to its natural state.  Our Universe was created out of nothing, if God stops holding it in place by an act of His will, it will return to its natural state – nothing. Thus every single creature, animal and human is held in place by an act of His will (love).  For God to destroy someone or something He doesn’t have to do anything.  He has to do the opposite.  He stops doing.  He stops holding them in existence by an act of His will.  He stops loving them.  Since nobody has ever, to our knowledge, been destroyed by God thus, logic follows that God loves everyone no matter how evil their acts on Earth are.  He wants them to find His love and redemption and won’t take that opportunity away from them by destroying them.  If God so loves the people of the world who are we, His creation, to over-rule him.

That is what my Faith teaches.  I do not believe that because I am Catholic.  My beliefs do not come from the Catholic Church.   The Catholic Church has a set of clearly defined beliefs that I can chose to believe or not.  I am Catholic because I chose to be Catholic and because I believe those beliefs are correct.

There is more to being pro-life than the religious side of things too.  I would like to discuss the meaning of being pro-life from birth to death from a more humanistic point of view below.


Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy.  Not one person can dispute the fact that at the very least an abortion destroys the potential of human life.  Yet, I believe it does more than that.  First, I do believe that abortion takes a life.  Humans need two things to function biologically, food and oxygen.  To survive humans need a third thing, shelter.  When a sperm penetrates the egg something amazing happens.  The head of the sperm breaks through the wall of the egg, the tail of the sperm falls off and the head of the sperm explodes.  This explosion throws the 23 chromosomes inside the sperm out into the egg.  These 23 chromosomes meet up almost instantaneously with the 23 chromosomes inside the egg and form the 46 chromosome chain of human life.  Until this happens, the egg does nothing and after a couple of days it gets flushed out the female body.  After this happens, the egg is no longer an egg it is a Zygote.  It immediately starts growing.  From that point forward nothing is added to the child.  It is only provided food, oxygen and shelter by the mother.  This is a magical process that our pornographic culture has destroyed the meaning of.

With the readily available forms of birth control that has progress into abortion being nothing more than a form of birth control, sex is nothing more than an object of pleasure.  I used the word “object” on purpose.  That is what we have done.  We have objectified our bodies and purpose of our bodies.  We have turned children into some kind of trophy to show off.  But only one or two or else they just get in the way.  The birthrate in the “developed” western countries is now less than two per household.  In some countries it is almost below one.  Once it became legal to terminate children in the womb, we stopped valuing children and stopped valuing the conjugal act of marriage.  Today sex is for pleasure and not part of a magical creative process.  Sex inside of marriage, is “neat” and “sweet” but “shouldn’t you test drive a car before you buy it.”  Abortion has killed the real meaning of the marriage bed and just made it sex.  Inside of the covenant of marriage, you don’t have sex you make love.  It is a sharing of you mind, your heart, your soul and your body.  We call it “Making Love” because that is what its potential should be.  You should have the potential to “Make Love.”  Nothing makes more love between a man and a woman than a child.  Abortion has destroyed our families and is destroying our country by destroying that which should be most precious to us, the physical manifestation of the love between a man and a woman.

Capital Punishment:

Capital punishment is a little more grey than abortion to me.  Contrary to popular belief the Catholic Church does allow for the use of capital punishment.  However, the church puts one restriction on it.  For capital punishment to be properly used the person being executed must meet two requirements:  1. He must be so corrupt that it is clear that he could never be redeemed. 2. He must be a danger to others if he is left alive.  I like those.  When I was converting to Catholicism capital punishment was difficult for me.  But the more I read on why the church teaches what it teaches the more sense it made to me.  One of the things I discovered was why Western law does not allow the execution of insane prisoners.  It’s not because we want them to go to the hangman trembling in fear and full knowledge of their impending death.  It’s because we won’t execute a person who does not have the full capacity to have the potential to repent and find redemption with God.  This is a law that has been in place since the fall of the Roman Empire and has been followed by every Western European based government for centuries.  I believe being pro-life means being pro-life.  If we catch a serial murderer we have the ability to isolate him in jail for life.  I say put him in jail and try to redeem him.  What an incredible value a person who has crawled from down so low to find redemption could be to the world.  I don’t say let him out of jail, but he could be a witness to the population in jail.  There is a famous example of a murderer who found redemption and changed the world.  Every evil person has this same potential.  This person’s name was Saul of Tarsus, later known as the Apostle Paul.


A couple of years ago there was a lady name Terri Schiavo who was reportedly in a vegetative state and due to a court ruling died from a lack of nutrients.  This case broke new grounds in the debate of life.  This was not a case of a person having their life support machines turned off.  This was a case where in addition to having her life support machine turned off, the judge said she couldn’t have any food or water by mouth.  Think about that for a second.  The ruling denied her the right to use her own mouth in the way it was created to be used to support her own life.  There is only one word I can think of to describe what happened to Terri Schiavo, murder.  The Declaration of Independence says that God grants us certain unalienable rights.  One of these rights is life.  This judge didn’t pull Terri Schiavo’s plug.  This judge ordered her starved to death by not allowing her to eat.

Over the past few years we have seen an increase in the euthanasia debate.  Some states have started to allow it and many European countries do.  Terri Schiavo was not a cause, she was a symptom.  You see once we stopped valuing life at the beginning, it was a short trip to stop valuing it at the end.  If children are an inconvenience that we can kill, the old people that are too much work or cost too much are an inconvenience that we can kill also.  Being pro-life means you value life from the beginning to the end.  One cannot say they are pro-life for everything except this little part right here.  There is no middle ground because there is no middle ground in life.  Either you are dead or you are alive.

Life is a wonderful treasure.  In the Garden of Eden God placed the Tree of Life.  I believe this Tree of Life represents human life.  There are three parts to life youth, parental and grandparental.  The two greatest treasures of these are the youth for the potential they have in life and the grandparental for all the knowledge and experience they have to share with us.  The parental stage of life is for nurturing the youth to be the best they can and honoring and supporting the grandparents for the life they have given us and to learn from them as much as possible.  The Tree of Life has three parts roots, stem and branches and fruit.  If we kill the roots and the fruit what is the purpose of the stem and branches?


2 Comments to “Life: Observations on the value of us”

  1. Nice post, and a science lesson to boot. Beyond the obvious issues involved with the right to live, I’d like to point out that people have become so accustomed to devaluing life that it is harder and harder for people to understand the immorality of abortion, euthanasia, and capital punishment. People are becoming completely desensitized to everything that is not convenient to them. It has become the norm to take the easy way instead of being responsible, loving, and moral in our decision making.

  2. It’s easy to see from your article on being pro-life, that it is a very personal issue for you that is based on your faith. While I would not choose to have an abortion based on my beliefs, I cannot understand why Americans think that abortion is an issue for the government to decide.If we are going to make abortion illegal, then shouldn’t adultery and bearing false witness also be illegal….where do you draw the line. Is our government supposed to mandate morality? Do you really want the type of congressmen that cheats on their spouse and lies to us to decide what is moral and what isn’t.
    I for one and tired of the abortion issue being used by the right to make their constiuents think they are such moral individuals. They know it’s a hot button so they use it. It has nothing to do with the mess this country is in. I just wish republicans could understand that their are democrats that don’t believe in abortion, but don’t want bigger government involvement in our lives especially on private moral issues. It’s time to stop using God to get elected, believe me, He knows what you are doing.
    I no longer care about political parties, I am going to vote for a candidate that is most likely to: give us facts with no political spin, have ideas instead of criticism, work with either party, spend their time in office working for us instead of trying to get re-elected, help us keep our jobs instead of worrying about keeping theirs, support term limits, decline from taking money from lobbyist, help put an end to the insanity about our president’s citizenship. (because our country is being divided based on lies) Oh well, I can hope…..

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