The Magic Age

Contributed by Win Hughey

What is the magic age? This is the question I find the hardest to understand. Is it an age of enlightenment when a child becomes an adult and is given the great responsibility of casting a vote? Whether the vote is for school board or the president, what a great weight this young American bears. Or is this the magical age when that same American is old enough to walk in to the corner market and purchase a cold beer and a smoke?   Do not misunderstand me, the age that we choose is not as important to me as the inconsistency of these ages, “as long as it is not made 55.”

The odd thing about both of these privileges is they are both mandated by the Federal Government. What makes them mature enough to vote, enlist, get married, buy a car or enter into a binding contract but not wise enough to enjoy a cold adult beverage on a hot summer day?

The answer is the loss of States Rights via the infusion of Federal funds.


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