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July 11, 2012

Is Atlas going on strike?

Contributed by Shell Suber 

The working title of “Atlas Shrugged” was “The Strike.” The plot is based on an intriguing philosophical question in the imagination of novelist Ayn Rand: What if society’s true producers and entrepreneurs were to, by their own choice, just give up on America and leave – go on strike, as it were? What if they became fed-up with the jealousy and greed of an increasingly lazy electorate/government determined to punish over-achievers who, well, achieve too much? What if they got a better offer and just took off? What then?

Some consider “Atlas Shrugged” just another cautionary tale with a far-fetched premise intended to make a dramatic point about trends in society the author finds disturbing, similar to Orwell’s “1984.” But perhaps Rand’s implausible premise is not so implausible after all.

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June 23, 2011

Three Primary Strategies for GOP in 2012

Contributed by Shell Suber

There are three competing political strategies at work in this primary:

1. RUN HARD RIGHT AND WIN: Supporters of this strategy would have the GOP nominate a far right candidate as a winning strategy. “Make the difference between us and them stark and unapologetic. Voters will be impressed and reward the straightforward honesty.”

2. RUN HARD RIGHT AND ‘LOSE WITH HONOR’: Some suggest the GOP nominate a far right candidate to make a meaningful ideological impression on the electorate about the integrity of the conservative movement. “Why not make a statement since, historically speaking, we are unlikely to win in any case.”

3. RUN MIDDLE AND TRY TO WIN: Some suggest the GOP nominate a more electable (moderate) candidate and give themselves the best chance to win should the incumbent trip up.

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March 15, 2011

GOP ’12 Top Ten: Ides of March

Contributed by Shell Suber

‘Beware the Ides of March’ warns Shakespeare’s soothsayer in Julius Caesar. Two millennia and fifty-five years later, the oracle extends that warning to those giving thought to the Republican Party’s nomination in 2012: If you are running, you can wait no longer… er, but don’t be first.

My March version of GOP ’12 Top 10 features a lot of turn-over indicating this campaign may finally be underway.

(#) = Previous rank

1. Mike Huckabee (2) – Recent polls have the affable, TV-friendly reverend slightly ahead of Romney with likely GOP voters. But will our new #1 even run?

2. Mitt Romney (1) – Still has the cash and the caché, but polls of likely GOP voters seem to indicate his greatest strength was that he was seen as the frontrunner… not the enthusiasm that carries the day. Just ask Bob Dole, John Kerry, Walter Mondale, etc. Drops to #2, which might be a better spot come to think of it. 

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March 14, 2011

The GOP assault on America

Contributed by Michael Gass

The GOP has begun their assault on America. On some issues, such as busting unions, it is a coordinated assault. Numerous states under GOP rule are trying to bust unions (see Indiana, Wisconsin, and Ohio). On other issues, the attacks aren’t as coordinated, but, the intent is clear. In Michigan, the attack on America has taken a very dangerous tact – give “emergency power” to the government so that the GOP can accomplish their agenda.

State officials estimate that dozens of local governments and school districts will soon be unable to pay their bills and the Treasury dept. is on record supporting a bill — passed by the House last week — which would recast Emergency Financial Managers as Emergency Managers and give them unprecedented new power to fire elected officials, dissolve labor contracts and reorganize or dissolve cities and school districts.”

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March 1, 2011

Blame DeMint, Tea Party for port losses, not Clyburn

Contributed by Philip Snead

The following is a letter to the editor of the Charleston Post and Courier.

Dear Editor,

Saturday’s lead editorial, “Press port-deepening case,” appears to assign blame to Jim Clyburn for our congressional delegation’s failure to regain the measly $400,000 Congressional earmark funding that could have directly enabled the needed deepening of our port to sustain its competitiveness.  (“… Rep. Clyburn hasn’t already summoned the necessary party clout to get the study money ….”)

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November 11, 2010

A sad tale of selfishness

Contributed by Shell Suber


After years of living beyond their means, a couple found themselves smothered in credit card debt and began to argue bitterly about who was to blame. Desperate, they sought advice of a debt counselor who, after a series of fact finding meetings, returned his recommendations which included the elimination of all discretionary spending and a painful reduction in their standard of living. Unfortunately, the couple took this news badly and turned on the counselor and each other.

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November 8, 2010

Jim DeMint for President!

Contributed by iPlan

Jim DeMint is THE MAN!  I started saying that DeMint was planning a run for President in 2012  2 years ago.  I hope I’m right in my prediction, as he’s probably the only one I could think of that would do the right things to keep our country from becoming a banana republic, and our currency worth less than the paper it was printed on:

Here’s a partial list of what he might do (this is an uncomfortable list):

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November 3, 2010

Now what?

Contributed by Bob Edens

Last night was a historic election in so many ways. The first African American Republican was elected to the US house. Another one from Florida. 2 Republican women won governships. NC went GOP for the first time since 1870. 239 seats were won by the GOP. Not since 1932 has any party won so many seats. The Senate got closer. It looks like it’ll be 52-48. IN SC 14 term Dem John Spratt was defeated. 5 of the 6 house seats are now Republican.

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October 29, 2010

Football (Election) Night in SC

Contributed by Shell Suber

I don’t like hearing battlefield terminology applied to politics. Nobody is “battling to the end” or “fighting our enemy with all we have.” It’s not a war. If you think it is, just ask someone who has actually been in a war if they think it’s the same thing. Instead, I like using football analogies in politics. They just work better. And fittingly, fall elections and football season coincide quite nicely.

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October 20, 2010

Les conséquences non intentionnelles

Contributed by Shell Suber

In France you cannot be fired from your job. Ever. Not just a GOVERNMENT job. ANY job. So once hired, the company owner cannot can you for coming in late, bad attitude, laziness, lack of sales, stealing stuff, or generally sucking. Income and benefits for life. Makes US Post Office workers look like go-getters, doesn’t it?

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