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June 23, 2011

Three Primary Strategies for GOP in 2012

Contributed by Shell Suber

There are three competing political strategies at work in this primary:

1. RUN HARD RIGHT AND WIN: Supporters of this strategy would have the GOP nominate a far right candidate as a winning strategy. “Make the difference between us and them stark and unapologetic. Voters will be impressed and reward the straightforward honesty.”

2. RUN HARD RIGHT AND ‘LOSE WITH HONOR’: Some suggest the GOP nominate a far right candidate to make a meaningful ideological impression on the electorate about the integrity of the conservative movement. “Why not make a statement since, historically speaking, we are unlikely to win in any case.”

3. RUN MIDDLE AND TRY TO WIN: Some suggest the GOP nominate a more electable (moderate) candidate and give themselves the best chance to win should the incumbent trip up.

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