Blame DeMint, Tea Party for port losses, not Clyburn

Contributed by Philip Snead

The following is a letter to the editor of the Charleston Post and Courier.

Dear Editor,

Saturday’s lead editorial, “Press port-deepening case,” appears to assign blame to Jim Clyburn for our congressional delegation’s failure to regain the measly $400,000 Congressional earmark funding that could have directly enabled the needed deepening of our port to sustain its competitiveness.  (“… Rep. Clyburn hasn’t already summoned the necessary party clout to get the study money ….”)

HELLO!!  Does the Post and Courier lack political courage to remind its readership whom we truly have to thank for this brouhaha over funding the study?  This flurry of activity by (paid!) state and Congressional political representatives probably has cost well above $400,000 in the time of those involved by now.  And all just to try to get the port-study horses back into the barn.

Responsibility for this reckless endangerment of the Charleston port rests very squarely, and almost solely, on the shoulders of Tea Party “no-earmarks” darling Jim “Caution-to-the-Winds” DeMint and his misguided beyond-conservativism voters.  To attempt tarring Mr. Clyburn with the port-study brush smacks of the Post and Courier having become a fully fledged party organ for Mr. DeMint’s round-the-bend Republicans.

In another demonstration of blindered journalism, of all the South Carolina “public servants” working to solve this problem, Mr. DeMint now apparently gets another pass from the Post and Courier’s editorial.  You observe that, with his little brush fire now immediately threatening the state’s economy, he marginalizes himself as the only South Carolina “leader” flakey enough to propose a plan that would provide relief only long after the desired shipping traffic had already abandoned Charleston for other ports.  Yet your editorial seems to cluck, “Oh shucks, if only he hadn’t just forgot this one little detail,” as if he were not a US Senator, but perhaps a wayward child who could not have been expected to know better.

Your editorial staff owes Mr. Clyburn an apology for this highly unbalanced misrepresentation of the port-study issue as it currently stands.  It owes its tsk-tsking to the man who truly merits it.  Mr. DeMint may look, except for the black hair, like Uncle Sam, but he would be cast more accurately as a self-serving demagogue whose “concern” about his state occupies a realm of bizarre political fantasy.  The “vision” of him and his ilk may be a nice utopia to some voters, but their pragmatic grasp of the political reality they are trying to change is at best tenuous.  That’s a generous characterization since it assumes hacks like Mr. DeMint actually take seriously the nonsense that they spout.


9 Comments to “Blame DeMint, Tea Party for port losses, not Clyburn”

  1. Judging from you writing you are no fan of Senator DeMint, simply seeing that you refereed to Mr. Clyburn as Rep. Clyburn but never used the tile of Senator for Mr. DeMint. This writer finds it refreshing to find a Statesman with more concern for his Country than his State, without our country we have no state. The spending of our future generations by elected blowhards has to cease, they can no longer buy the votes of constitutes by bringing home “The Bacon”. The teats of big government are down to powdered milk, just say NO, to the spending!

  2. Win Hughey,

    lol… they DID say no. They said they didn’t want the money and they didn’t get it.

    Now, it’s “oh, Obama hates SC”… “oh, it’s the Democrats fault”…

    Next, I’m sure we’ll hear “but, but, CLINTON!”

    Face it, TeaBagging darlings screwed Charleston out of money.

  3. This is another example of how civil rhetoric does not flow from the left. The correct name of the group Mr. Gass speaks of is the Tea Party, but he chooses to us the despairing term “TeaBagging”, I thought the left was all about not offending, PC speech, can’t we all just get along. They prove me incorrect again. It is no ones fault, I do not think Obama hates SC, but it sounds to this conservative that the left suffers from a severe case of “Little Man Syndrome” Repeat after me,” We are broke.”

    • We are broke BECAUSE Republican’s continually cut taxes for the rich and corporations. They then turn around and work to cut workers wages and benefits to balance the budget.

      Oh, as for “the left is so uncivil”… I guess you didn’t see the comments here:

      – It seems our President has failed Charleston and South Carolina. From what I have been told, Charleston is a better port for the new larger ships than Savannah because it is wider and the ships can turn around in the Charleston port.

      – Agreed we shouldn’t have to vote in liberals just to appease the president, lets just start an initiative to get this jokester out of office next year and put in someone competent that doesn’t hate South Carolina

      Conservatives are crying how Obama hates SC when it’s the politician’s sucking up to the teabaggers… yes, that is what they are… THEY called themselves that… are the ones who never asked for the money.

      When conservatives attack its “telling it like it is”. When they get attacked back it’s “oh you meanies”. And, the civility that was called for was against using CROSSHAIRS on maps… or people asking when someone was going to shoot Obama… Or calling people Nazi’s, terrorist-sympathizers, un-american… the list goes on and on.

  4. This writer is not speaking of anyone in SC hating politicians or any politicians hating the good folks of South Carolinian. I only wished to comment that, sometime doing what is true is not always the easy thing to do. That is what leadership is all about, something that has been sorely absent in the area of fiscal responsibly under both sides of leadership in the House. The future for America will be full of many difficult choices. The choices will be painful, mostly due to the fact that we will have a short amount of time to correct what has taken decades to sprawl out of control. I truly wish the tone of discussion could gain a tenor of civility, but I am disheartened with the use of Nazi’s that is the other “N” word. Looking at the crowds at Tea Party meetings I must say I do not believe there are any “teabaggers” in the crowd and many do not know the meaning of the phrase, not until we see Rep. Barany Frank at a Tea Party rally should the phrase “teabagger” when we mean “Tea Party” members.

    • Win Hughey,

      Here is the “truth”…

      Tax breaks don’t affect the truly poor. They don’t make enough money to have a tax liability. This is a fact not because they are lazy, but, because they make so little to begin with.

      Tax breaks only marginally affect what is left of the middle class. Sure, everyone could use a few extra dollars these days, but, that is exactly what it is for those still in the middle class – a FEW extra dollars.

      The Bush tax cuts, however, gave a boon to the rich by lowering their tax rates. A percentage of the rich don’t even pay taxes at all, much less at the lower rate. Corporations are the same. Bank of America paid $0 in taxes. NONE.

      In South Carolina, with the new deal Boeing got, they won’t pay but a pittance in taxes for 30 years.

      NOBODY that is rich, or ANY corporation, is being asked to sacrifice, much less suffer every year.

      THAT is the truth.

  5. Oh but they do! Have you ever been hired by a poor person? I am going out on a limb and guess the answer is no. That is because the poor have no power to create jobs. When the cuts you speak of are given, jobs are created, just look at the example you cite with Boeing. Before Boeing came to South Carolina the tax collected from the plant was zero”0”, because it did not exist, now with the plant being built, people are put back to work from the ranks of the unemployed, Federal. State and local taxes are collected, not only on wages but also on food, gas, clothes, homes and the list goes on. The poor are empowered, their standard of living improves, in effect a rising tide lifts all boats and that tax break trickles down many fold. I find it interesting that you used the term “lazy” when you speak of the poor. Reading your last post I feel that you believe that the wealthy of this country should pay a much higher tax rate or put another way you do not fell that they pay enough. If that is so, I find that truly frightening. When you place a higher rate on the producers of this country, you are punishing the very people of this land that are the doers, the thinkers, the produces and entrepreneurs, the very engine of our great country. Do not misunderstand me, I recognize that there is a need for some taxes, but if you tax Joe the ragman at 28%, everyone should pay that rate. 28% of several million is a lot more than 28% of 40,000, but it is fair.

    • Oh where to start…

      Those are the unemployment rates by county in SC. As you see, about 2/3 of the state is above 10% with 12 counties above 15%. Keep these numbers in mind.

      Boeing will have to create 3,800 jobs in order to collect all of their tax breaks. Charleston County unemployment is 8.7%.

      There are 236,000 people unemployed in SC. At 8.7%, that means there are 20532 people unemployed in Charleston County alone. Do the math. If even EVERY SINGLE job is filled by SC workers, that would mean that it would lower the unemployment rate by 3% in ONE county. But, not every single job will be filled by SC workers. Surely, they will force some of their other employees to move to SC, as Boeing did to my father when they forced him to move to another state before he retired from Boeing. So, it MIGHT affect 2% of THAT county.

      FOR that 2%, Boeing was given a deal worth around $800 million. But, $270 million was in upfront money from the state.

      Now… $270 million right now… when our state budget is $829 million in the hole. That means that 30% of our state deficit came from ONE deal with Boeing with a return of 2% in jobs for ONE county. But, that is just the UPFRONT money. That doesn’t count the breaks in property taxes and corporate taxes.

      And you say giving them this sweetheart deal will “raise boats”?

      You mean the boats of teachers, correction officers, or others that will lose their jobs due to this round of budget cuts made by Nikki Haley?

      Because those cuts will cost around 1,000 jobs STATEWIDE.

      So… again… tell me where the rich or a corporation has been asked to sacrifice while the budget is balanced, for another year, on the back of the working class. Workers are getting their pay cut… again. Benefits cut… again. Jobs cut… again.

      Boeing? They made out like bandits. The rich that get tax cuts? They make out like bandits.

  6. Your Quote reveals a great deal, about where you come from.

    “Surely, they will force some of their other employees to move to SC, as Boeing did to my father when they forced him to move to another state before he retired from Boeing. So, it MIGHT affect 2% of THAT county.”

    Then you ask, “O where to start”
    The answer to that is quite simple, just as we are doing at
    Boeing, one employer at a time. South Carolina is creating an environment that welcomes employers to our state. Boeing is here, suppliers to Boeing are coming, the growth to the economy will not be instant but it will be steady constant and sustainable. I ask you place your leftist views aside and consider the lives of the Great people of South Carolina they want to work earn and contribute to their community this allows them that opportunity. The unemployed and poor create very few jobs, employers do. Let us, let them, do what they do best, put South Carolinians to work. This will be my last post to this article I hope you can gain an understanding that it is a better deal to place the Golden Goose on a nest to lay her eggs than to roast her first thing. If you find this idea difficult to accept, I believe the unions in Wisconsin will welcome you warmly!

    Good By,
    Win Hughey

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