Do I need I.D. to join the L.W.V.?

Contributed by the misplacedmtnman

After much debate and discussion, the South Carolina House of Representatives approved a measure that would require citizens to present some form of photo identification before voting in an election. Republicans assert the new law would cut down on voting fraud, but Democrats disagree, saying it is unnecessary and will disenfranchise minorities, seniors and those with lower incomes. (In other words, the very groups that the Democrats use all over the country to steal elections.)

The spokeswoman for the left-leaning League of Women Voters says the bill is a waste of time and money since there is little evidence of voter fraud in South Carolina. This is exactly the point: We don’t want to become another Chicago. We’re not waiting around until the fraud happens, we’re enacting pre-emptive measures to ensure it doesn’t happen. We all know the Democrat Party is salivating over the possibility of having millions of illegal aliens vote for them. Not requiring any ID at the voting polls is the first step in this direction.

I wonder if the gender-discriminative League of Women Voters wastes the time and money installing security systems in their offices? After all, there is very little evidence anyone is planning to break in.

*Disclaimer: This opinion piece was in no way advocating vandalism, burglary or any other crime against the League of Sissy Cheaters so that the lamestream media could use the incident to blame Sarah Palin and the Tea Party for the violence of deranged leftists.


4 Responses to “Do I need I.D. to join the L.W.V.?”

  1. You need neither an ID to join the League of Women Voters nor be a woman. The League welcomes women and men from all political perspectives as members and is non-partisan. Check your facts.

    • Oh yes. I see. Your rebuttal completely negates my point. I apologize. We should throw the door wide open for voter fraud since the League of WOMEN Voters allows men as members and is non-partisan. You got me there. Darn my attempt at levity.

  2. Sarcasm aside, the LWV is non-partisan just like MSNBC and The New York Times are non-partisan, just like ACORN and the SEIU are non-partisan, and they allow men to be members just like the Congressional Black Caucus and the NAACP allow white people to join their clubs. Membership requirements were not my point; their stance on this particular issue is clearly leftwards and in total agreement with the Democrats’ agenda to encourage voter fraud wherever possible.


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