“Civility” equals censorship

Contributed by the misplacedmtnman

I should have known better. Thumbing through a State paper delivered to me free of charge on Monday, I was reminded once again why I don’t subscribe to this moribund medium of misinformation. Out of the five “Letters to the Editor,” three of them were sanctimonious, hand-wringing pleas for the end of the“climate of hate,” the “vitriolic rhetoric that led to the tragedy in Arizona,” the “poisonous rhetoric coming from America’s right wing.” One letter declared, “As the Messiah of the mindless, [Rush] Limbaugh is as guilty as if he had pulled the trigger himself.” 

It’s almost laughable how these people always refer to conservatives as robotic, mindless followers while they carelessly parrot these liberal lines, but it’s pointless to ask them to open their eyes, take their fingers out of their ears and do a little research before they start talking down their noses about a subject of which they are clearly ignorant. Their intellectual superiority forbids it.

Apparently unbeknownst to them, it came out last week that Loughner was not a right-wing talk show listener or a Fox News fan; he was a believer of left-wing conspiracy theory movies. Other than hating George W. Bush, the 22-year-old pothead was apolitical. His animus towards Gabrielle Giffords began in 2007, long before Sarah Palin hit the national scene or the Tea Party formed, but these facts won’t change the minds of the fervent letter-writers eager to regurgitate Democrat talking points without question. They never let the truth straighten their political slant, and once again they absolutely cannot allow a crisis to go to waste.

Given the opportunity, liberals will blame, blast and bemoan conservatives without proof or evidence to back their claims, pointing their fingers with condescending derision and malice. When conservatives respond to their false accusations and disprove their claims, then we hear the cries for “civility” and an end to the “climate of hate.” In other words, shut up! This is just another tactic of the disingenuous left to silence their opponents when they see they have lost an argument. The manner in which they have attempted to exploit this tragedy for their own political gain is disgusting.

So mockingly label me a “Ditto-head,” but I get more current, accurate information from WVOC Talk Radio on any given day than I ever would from The State Newspaper.


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