Pelosi plotting her return?

Contributed by Warren Mowry

I posted the following article from The Hill on Facebook today and, as always, got many very interesting, entertaining, and insightful comments. The title tells it all: “Dem Campaign Chief: Goal is Making Pelosi Speaker Again.”

While one of my friends questioned whether their goal should be to do right for the American people, I am willing to give politicians a break on that score. However, the very idea that Americans will be comforted by the return of Nancy Pelosi to two heartbeats from the Presidency is in itself worth a belly laugh. And I am clearly not alone. I steal this in its entirety from one of my friends:

“It’s not exactly the kind of rallying cry that’s going to move mountains or impel soldiers up San Juan Hill. But if the idea is to keep Democrat voters at home while encouraging GOP supporters to vote early and often, it could be a whiz-bang genius strategy they’ve hit on. Someone forgot the old adage that people will vote for friends on a sunny day, but will brave a hurricane to vote against an enemy. The problem for her is that half the country counts her as an enemy while the rest do not count her as a friend.”

My conclusion is that perhaps the Democrat campaign chief thinks that her long-winded, off-putting, gavel waving speech Wednesday was the beginning of the road to improvement of her single-digit approval ratings. Or not.


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