FCC to vote on Net Neutrality tomorrow

Contributed by a concerned citizen

On Tuesday the 21st, the FCC will be voting on the issue of their new Net Neutrality policy.  The topic of net neutrality is a national one but is one that can have a very real and direct effect on our state.  I am a graduate of Clemson University (Go Tigers) and care about the state of the economy and educational opportunities of South Carolina.  We cannot let subpar access to the Internet play a role in these issues.

There are plenty of things that need to be fixed and that we could do better and right now this is one of them.  As most of us I was aware of the issue of net neutrality and the ongoing debate that has been brewing over it.  I never really broke it down to a local level though and thought about how this could have a significant and lasting effect on S.C. as a whole.

What got me thinking was a recent article by former Gov. Richard Riley and David Rivers from The State – “Riley, Rivers: Ending Net-Neutrality Debate Will Spur Growth in S.C.” – showing how the issue effects S.C. directly.

People should let their thoughts on this be known.  Especially as the FCC vote is taking place tomorrow.


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