A rare “Oops” from Gore

Contributed by Warren Mowry

A recent article from Reuters features Al Gore’s admission that legislatively shoving ethanol down the throats of skeptical Americans was actually bad policy.

While it’s refreshing that Mr. Gore actually admits making a mistake, it’s less comforting to realize that ethanol production now accounts for 40% of American corn production and has had a real and lasting effect on food prices.  Gore confesses that his support for the $7 billion subsidy that the ethanol lobby receives stemmed, unsurprisingly, from his presidential ambitions.

The law of unintended consequences relates particularly to such politically motivated legislation.  It is a cautionary tale for any other such misguided laws – such as, maybe, cap and trade?  When the Congress is seeking ways to cut spending, they will find an easy chunk of cash here – right after they cut NPR.


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