We can all learn from George W. Bush

Contributed by Brian E. Fisher

In today’s political climate, both Democrats and Republicans are quick to point out how the other party is ruining this country.  Even our current President, until the recent shift in power in the House of Representatives, has been quick to point out the flaws of the prior administration.  Then former President George W. Bush started making the talk show rounds in preparation of the release of his new book, which I feel is a must read.  However, listening to him explain the reasons behind his “Katrina Debacle” and his “mishandling of the financial crisis” has been interesting but not what got my attention.   What has been the most impressive of all his interviews has been his reasoning for why we have not heard a word from him over the last 22 months.

Essentially, in an interview with Matt Lauer that aired on NBC’s morning show, President Bush showed the character that made him a great president.  Yes, you can laugh and criticize all you want, but President Bush was a great president.  I say this not because of all his policies he passed or his handling of 9/11, but because of his love for this country.  When pressed to answer questions about the current administration, President Bush stood in support of the current administration not because of what they are doing but because he loves this country and he has been in their shoes.

While the left side can criticize President Bush for a lot of things, they can never hold into question the love he had for this country and his ability to do what it took to protect it.  Sure, he is a politician, but he was not your typical politician.  By saying he will never criticize the current president because he feel is would essentially be counter-productive to our country (and I am paraphrasing) should show all Americans that at the end of the day, he does truly have a passion for what is best for this country.  Whether your Democrat or Republican, you could learn from him because if all politicians truly had the best interest for this country we would not have the gridlock we currently have in Washington.  Do I blame the left side, well of course I do, but I am also smart enough to know it takes two to tango.

President Bush has a love for this country and its military that no other President had.  If you take the time to watch his interviews, you will see the passion he had for this country.  If we all shared this passion, there might be a chance that we could actually make some changes that will benefit the country as a whole and not satisfy a personal agenda (Nancy Pelosi this was directed at you).  Love him or hate him, when history judges President George W. Bush, I believe it will be a favorable judgment.  After all, how can you have a negative judgment against a President that truly did what he felt was right for the United States of America?


One Comment to “We can all learn from George W. Bush”

  1. Happy Monday!

    Speaker Pelosi says the lame-duck Dems will repeal the Law of Gravity to mitigate airplane crashes – SHOCKING story at:


    Peace! 🙂

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