When is a Tax Cut not a Tax Cut?

Contributed by Bob Edens

We have heard current the debate whether to keep the Bush tax cuts or let the Bush tax cuts expire. The problem, and most of us have fallen for this. These are not tax cuts! Let me repeat that… these are not tax cuts. Now let me explain.

By law all Americans depending upon their income are tax at particular tax bracket. That tax bracket has been set by law. The most recent was under President Bush, where the tax rates were lowered for all American. There was no discrimination. The rates were cut for everyone. This is now the law.

This law had a time limit on it. It is set to expire this January. If the Democrats and President Obama allow the current law to expire, then your taxes will be RAISED. Understand? You are X% right now, if the Democrats and Obama allow the current law to expire YOUR TAXES WILL GO UP. It’s a tax increase.

Mr. Obama has said that he wants these tax cuts (you should to hear – “Allow the current law to stand” ) for the middle class, but  let the tax cuts expire ( you should hear- Raise taxes on the rich and those who own businesses).

Here’s the problem. Who creates jobs in the country? The people who have money. The people who OWN businesses. These small and large business owner, when they have money will do 3 things –

  • Reinvest in their businesses , expand and hire new people, thus increasing the tax basis and increasing revenue;
  • Spend their disposable income thus increasing tax revenue purchasing big ticket items such as cars, boats, vacation homes, trips ?
  • Donate large to charities; building libraries, museums, athletic facilities, parks etc

What Obama and the Liberals just don’t get is that the lower we can keep taxes the more jobs are created and the more taxes can be collected without hurting working families. They continue the asinine position of class warfare trying to pit the rich vs. the rest of the population. Notice that it’s always big business owners they go after. It’s never rich actors, athletics, movie stars or Oprah. No it’s big business that is evil. If big and small businesses fail, America fails! It’s just that simple.


One Comment to “When is a Tax Cut not a Tax Cut?”

  1. Mr. Edens,
    You hit it square on the head. All this is is class warfare combined with a tax increase. The tax rate should be the same for all Americans, but we continue to punish the best and brightest in our economy, by charging a higher rate (%) just for being successful. Remember this; no one hires themselves a supervisor. Success flows downward and grows our economy upward.

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