Jim DeMint for President!

Contributed by iPlan

Jim DeMint is THE MAN!  I started saying that DeMint was planning a run for President in 2012  2 years ago.  I hope I’m right in my prediction, as he’s probably the only one I could think of that would do the right things to keep our country from becoming a banana republic, and our currency worth less than the paper it was printed on:

Here’s a partial list of what he might do (this is an uncomfortable list):

1.  Completely Dismantle Social Security for everyone, including a phase-out on current retirees whose incomes are over 35k without Social Security benefits (you heard right).  Social Security was a bad idea when it was started, and it needs to go immediately.  If you’re one of those that would like to have your social security check at the cost of your country’s economic viability, then fine, you can have yours…. But you have to go to Washington (in person) to get it every month.

2.  Implement a national Tort reform policy on medical malpractice cases – requiring the loser to pay the winner’s legal fees.  This will greatly reduce medical costs, as half the tests Doctors do are just designed to cover their A$$ should they ever be sued.

3.  Medicare Restructuring / and further privatization of retiree’s health care system.  The government does nothing well ~ including our health care system; we should all pretty much agree on that much by now.

4.  Eliminate Congressional Pensions:  Did you know that a congressman that has spent 6 years in office (as a US Congressman) receives his entire salary for the rest of his life?  That needs to be eliminated immediately.

3.  Repeal of the National Health Care.  If you’re wondering why, move to Canada.  We don’t want you here.

4.  Eliminate the Corporate Income Tax ~ you could do nothing better to spur growth in our economy than reducing or eliminating the taxes business pay (as they are passed onto consumers anyway).  This would result in a drastic cut in the cost of goods and services.  People could buy more, which would create demand for more employees (in every sector).  Manufacturing would be viable in the US again, and we’d once again be a company that “builds things.”

5.  Eliminate the Department of Education.  Restore the power to regulate education to the states.  We managed to get by without the Department of Education until sometime around 1973, and kids got a better education at that time.

6.  Seal the borders.  Make the southern border of the United States a “National Guard training area.”  Each state would be assigned maneuvers across the southern border monthly.  In addition to training, they could also interdict any smugglers, drug runners, illegal aliens they managed to find along the way.  They’re training anyway, why not train in a manner that also secures our border?

7.  Temporarily decouple states that cannot pay their bills from the Union.  No federal bailouts for CA, or NY when they start defaulting on their bonds.

These steps are necessary.  This is tough love.  Like it or not, the federal government is currently borrowing 42 cents of every dollar it spends to pay entitlements.  In less than 10 years, Medicare, Social Security, and Welfare will consume our entire budget.  We need to recognize that our future doesn’t have any of the “big government” socialist mechanisms in it.

We already know that socialism doesn’t work, because (people were created to work ~ not to be lazy).  “The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it, and take care of it.”  Genesis 2:15  (Notice that Adam didn’t have a life of leisure in the Garden of Eden.  That is by design).  We were meant to work.  Why are Lou Holtz and Joe Paterno still working?  The answer is simple:  “because they are both still alive.”

Look at the chaos in France (riots are being held all over the country because they had to raise the retirement age from 60 to 62).  Look at the riots going on in Greece.  We have seen our future in these two countries should we continue to go down the road we’re on.  That will be our future without a movement away from government reliance.

Our individual aspirations have and will continue to propel us further than centralized government planning and the welfare state ever could.

Jim DeMint for President!  Power to the Individual and his state!  To Hell with people who think that they cannot do anything without the sanction or help from the government!


2 Comments to “Jim DeMint for President!”

  1. Ironic – calling people laid off lazy. Demint doesn’t want to work this week. Who is lazy?

  2. Bob…. If you are still laid off, start your own company. A buddy of mine is a civil engineer. He hasn’t worked a day in over 3 years….. About a month ago he took a course and became a “Home Inspector” ~ He’s making good money now. If you don’t like the situation you find yourself in, CHANGE IT!

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