Now what?

Contributed by Bob Edens

Last night was a historic election in so many ways. The first African American Republican was elected to the US house. Another one from Florida. 2 Republican women won governships. NC went GOP for the first time since 1870. 239 seats were won by the GOP. Not since 1932 has any party won so many seats. The Senate got closer. It looks like it’ll be 52-48. IN SC 14 term Dem John Spratt was defeated. 5 of the 6 house seats are now Republican.

Americans in no uncertain terms told Mr Obama, “you are leading this country down the wrong track and we don’t like it” Now What? Will Mr. Obama finally reach across the aisle and ask the GOP to help govern, or will he continue to push them aside continuing his socializing of America? The House will try to chip away at the Health care bill, piece by piece.
Mr. Obama will not budge as this is his signature item. The house will not pass any new spending bills. This will get Obama’s dander up. He will try to sell to the American people that Republicans are obstructionist and the party of no. The GOP will have to be the party of “no,” as the Liberals will want to continue to spend us into certain economic death.

The Tea Party woke up both parties. The message was clear. Quit spending & cut government. Will the Republican establishment (RINOs) get the message? If not, they will be defeated in 2012. What about the Dems? There are a few Dems (like W.Va Gov) that will buck the President as they saw the power of the conservative Tea Party movement. But the national Democrat party is firmly liberal. They will continue to hold the progressive line.

The main stream media is still liberal leaning. They do not understand the Tea Party movement and continues to misrepresent who they are and what the movement is about. I listened as those on NBC just couldn’t believe what was happening. At the start of the night, NBC reported that GOP will win 40 seats in House; CNN said 48; Fox said 55. James Carvelle continued to tow the Democrat line and talking points, while Karl Rove nailed every race and made every prediction correctly.

In SC the GOP now controls all Statewide seats. This is a huge responsibility. How will they govern? Will they be able to limit government, cut taxes, and create jobs for the people of SC? If they don’t they’ll be out on their butt.

Now what? It’s time to put your actions where your mouth is. GOP wake up and do what you told us you would. If you don’t, you may not get another chance for a very long time.


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