Term limits would finally end the permanent campaign

Contributed by Jim Duffy

It is a documented reality that the public is less than enamored with the conduct and actions of legislative bodies. This includes the national congress and the legislature of South Carolina. However, at the same time the return to office by incumbents remains exceedingly high. Apparently this is an indication that my office holder is fine, but the rest are not acceptable in terms of performance. Performance can generally be defined by the legislation passed or not passed. At times potential legislation is not even taken up for discussion. 

After many years of opposing term limits for legislators I have concluded that the best method for reforming the current status is to enact such limits. Political positions were not anticipated to be lifetime careers, but it appears that this is now the goal of many elected to public office. The time required to raise money for the election process and retention of office has become a drain on the individuals asked, and expected, to pay for these campaigns. In the process other work vital to the electorate is often left undone for lack of time or perhaps to avoid taking positions that would impact the ability to raise funds for the re-election effort.

The cry that seniority is important and that re-election will result in greater influence by the official is nonsense. It is more likely to simply support positions that the official deems necessary for re-election and not what might serve the greater good. Seniority is no guarantee of effectiveness for the greater good.

The public is entitled to the full concentration of elected officials acting in the best interest of the electorate and not of the Party they represent or their personal ambitions. There is nothing sacrosanct with the existing situation and the demand for term limits should begin now.


3 Comments to “Term limits would finally end the permanent campaign”

  1. Term limits for our elected officials is a great idea, but that would leave us stuck with an ever-increasing number of civil service bureaucrats (non-appointed staff) with seniority that is impossible to remove. These people represent the greatest treat to America. Just look to the EPA, Justice, FCC, and FDA to see the power that the non-elected can bear to bring on a free people. Do not mistake my objection as criticism, by no means is it great starting point. To paraphrase Sheik, bureaucrats are like an onion with many layers, we need to peal back many layers get to the answer!

  2. I am not sure term limits are the way to go but perhaps changing terms in the US House from 2 to 4 years would relieve some of the pressure to campaign ALL THE TIME and allow some flexibility.

  3. I go back and forth on this one. Certainly the longer a bad politician is in office the more corrupt he becomes (Charles Rangel comes to mind), but a larger problem is the fact that uninformed ignorants keep voting these guys back in, which is mostly due to the biased liberal media who won’t do their jobs unless the office-holder is a conservative. I think a better way is the route that Glenn Beck, the Tea Party and other conservative outlets are taking: educate the masses. Do the job that the lamestream media refuses to do, which is being a watchdog over ALL politicians, Ds and Rs, so that the people control the gov’t, not the other way around…..

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