I say it here, and it comes out there.

Contributed by Warren Mowry

Does anyone remember the 1987 movie “Broadcast News,” the rather entertaining movie starring William Hurt, Holly Hunter, and Albert Brooks?  For those unfamiliar, it dealt with the interrelationships among various employees of a failing mainstream media news network.  In one particularly provocative scene, Brooks’ character, a smart, clever, but ultimately obnoxious reporter, feeds information over the phone to Hurt’s character, a vapid pretty-boy news anchor.  As he watches the anchor parrot the information on the air (and look great doing it), Brooks’ character recites the immortal lines, “I say it here, and it comes out there.”

Believe me when I say, I do not have the conceit to believe that major political columnists have been reading back issues of “Carolina Soapbox” to get ideas for their latest missives, but there is a growing number who have been using the theme of my August column and wondering whether Obama will pull a Clinton and “triangulate” to blunt the Republican post-election surge that seems ever more likely to occur.  In other words, will he be able to save his presidency by co-opting conservative ideas that the public clearly wants?  The consensus among them is a resounding “no.”

It is becoming ever clearer that Obama lacks Clinton’s capacity to change direction.  He’s like a supertanker, plowing through the ocean, but unable because of sheer inertia to alter course, even if to avoid a Titanic-like iceberg.  In the face of increasingly grim economic news, news that has gotten worse on his watch and because of his policies, he continues to blame others for the “mess we inherited.”  Need we list how Obama himself is standing athwart recovery and shouting, “Stop!”?  Let us count the ways.

Probably the main roadblock to economic progress is uncertainty.  After all, who is going to invest money into a situation when future conditions are unclear?  How much economic development should we expect in Venezuela and Zimbabwe, for example?  So what conditions are so uncertain in the U.S.?

Taxes – the Orwellian claim by the Obama administration that Republicans are “blocking a tax cut for the middle class” is yet another example of terminal Washington-speak.   Let us be precise here – Obama is proposing NO tax cuts, for any economic level.  What his is doing is proposing a massive tax INCREASE for certain brackets while allowing others only to remain at their current level.  Promising more pain for one group while allowing others to remain in only their current state of agony is not a helpful tax policy, if trying to spark a recovery.  And what business is going to invest in itself when it does not know what its future tax liability will be?

Health Care Costs – Nancy Pelosi’s bizarre line “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it” is almost prescient, but not in the way she intended.  As businesses find out what little goodies are in the bill, they almost universally pan it.  Many realize that they cannot continue health care plans for their employees and maintain any successful business model.  What industry is going to invest in itself when it doesn’t know what its future health care insurance costs will be?

Regulation – we will leave aside the banking regulation bill, which is enough of a disaster itself to occupy several columns.  No, let’s just talk “cap and trade,” which is so toxic to the American public that the term isn’t even used anymore – it’s now “pollution reduction and investment.”  I kid you not.  http://trib.com/news/state-and-regional/article_6f3f0ad7-15e8-5bc4-a309-018ce8c331f5.html .  It is also, seemingly, a dead letter in Congress . . .  but not with the Obama Administration.  Americans are justifiably revolting against proposed legislation that is based on, as is being revealed every day, flawed science.  But that does not stop Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency, which, it is feared, will force cap-and-trade on an unwilling public through regulation.  What business is going to invest in itself when it does not know what future costs and regulatory burdens will be imposed on them?

So, Obama hits the trifecta – uncertainty on taxes, health care costs, and regulation.  The economy is regressing on his watch, not because of what came before he entered the White House, but because of his active suppression of it.  He won’t change.  The American public knows it.  Add to the mix the fact that Congress left town recently without passing a budget – correction, without even proposing a budget.  And this is why, on November 2, we will not have a wave election, or a tsunami election, but an asteroid-collision election.  Buckle up tight.  We may soon see the extinction of the dinosaur called “liberalism.”


One Comment to “I say it here, and it comes out there.”

  1. Mr. Mowry,
    I wish to compliment you on such a well written call to arms (politically). In he beginning few saw Obama as an ideologue, he was seen as a liberal politician that would comprise to survive, that could prove to be a fatal miscalculation. Now is the time to commit ourselves to stopping this? WE must proclaim,” NOT ON MY WATCH”

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