Skin in the Game

Contributed by Win Hughey

How many times have you been behind someone at the checkout counter in a grocery store? It could be a young mother, a middle age couple or an elderly man and their buggy has Lays Chips, Coke –a- Cola, Oreo cookies, rib eye steaks and other name brand top of the line items?  You look down to your buggy and see chicken, store brand chips, ground beef, Super K drinks you know the list. To your amazement, the person in front of you pulls out an EBT card (electronic food stamps) you pay for theirs, and then you have pull out your wallet and pay for yours.

What is wrong with this picture?  What if we switched to a plan that has a co-pay, what would happen? First we do not reduce the amount of food stamp dollars that person receives each month.  What we do is impose a 20% co-pay on each dollar spent for the first twelve months on food stamps, The next year the out of pocket rises to 30%, this will continue each year until a 50% co pay is reached and capped.

This will do two things; first, it makes the food stamp recipient take ownership of their choices, they will have skin in the game, second it will reduce the amount taxpayers dollars needed to fund this entitlement.


One Comment to “Skin in the Game”

  1. Agreed . . . but are you asking the government to actuallly do something sensible? That’s, frankly, the “change” I am “hoping” for. Hope’s cheap, so I indulge myself.

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