Muslims should focus on reform, not Jones

Contributed by Shell Suber

Okay, we can all agree – well, most of us anyway – that publicly burning a copy the sacred scripture of someone else’s religion is, at the very least, rude. It’s disrespectful and childish and the real intent, notwithstanding any other given reason, is to provoke anger and gain attention.

But no matter what Reverend Terry Jones and his small band of followers at Dove World Outreach Center do on Saturday, it’s still not as bad a preaching to his flock that it is their sacred duty to kill those who do not convert to his religion.

Not even close. Not even in the same zip code as close.

But that is what is taught at thousands of mosques around the world every day. Of course, not all Muslims agree with the preaching of violence against non-believers. Not even most. But too many do and I, for one, don’t see enough outrage from those that disagree to muster a lot of sympathy for their point of view this weekend in Gainesville.

My advice to Muslims on how to handle this guy? Ignore him. He is trying to get you to flip out and act all crazy to make a point. And if you do, his point will be made. Your religion is going to come out looking bad if you overreact, so don’t. That also goes for the next time some clown draws a picture of your prophet or writes an unflattering book. Trust me on this one, if you create an international media spotlight every time someone offends you, you will find no shortage of volunteers who want to get in it.

Instead, grow a thicker skin and tend your own house. Want international sympathy for your cause and respect for your beliefs? Then turn that collective temper of yours toward those in your mosques who are “hijacking your peaceful religion” and training your children to murder in its name.


2 Comments to “Muslims should focus on reform, not Jones”

  1. Hey, Shell, to quote the great philosopher, Forrest Gump – stupid is as stupid does.

  2. I am sorry guys, when you are in fear of a reaction from one group due to an American’s free speech. That is the very meaning of terrorisms. I prefer to use bacon strips as book marks for my Koran

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