Contributed by Vince Williams

I remember being told both in school and in my home, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”  I remember being taught in my church growing up to, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  I remember being taught by my parents and my grandparents to behave in a way that didn’t embarrass the family.  I also remember all of my friends were taught the same thing.  How can we have come so far away from simple rules of respect in such a short time?

It was just a couple of decades ago that people respected our leaders.  While we may not have agreed with them, we certainly didn’t hurl personal insults at them, or disrupt their speeches.  We called politics the “Battlefield of Ideas,” and knew that we could debate, sometimes heatedly, someone we disagreed with, but we could also still respect them.  When did this start to change?

Politics has always been a blood sport.  It’s grown men and women arguing over money and power.  It is going to get ugly.  That’s the nature of the beast.  Yet, until recently politicians respected each other and set the example.  Just look at the politicians of the past.  George Bush worked with Ted Kennedy to get the “No Child Left Behind” bill passed.  Bill Clinton worked with Republicans to get numerous bills passed.  You could say the same thing about Bush Senior, Reagan, Carter, Ford, Nixon and all the good and bad Presidents this country has had.  When they were in office and after they left office they respected each other.  But we don’t do that anymore.

Starting with Al Gore’s loss to George Bush in 2000 the Democrats, not the Republicans, decided to become disrespectful.  It was the Clinton White House that trashed the computers, filled paper trays with pornographic pictures and generally left a demolished and damaged West Wing.  George Bush didn’t voice one complaint.  When George Bush left office he left with grace and kindness for the new administration.  It was Al Gore that would go on public TV and call President Bush a traitor and a liar.  It was the Democratic operatives that would post pictures of George Bush dressed like the monster Hitler (remember “Bushitler?”), while their leaders laughed and supported it.  However, even then it wasn’t the President or former President getting involved in such rude and disrespectful behavior.  That has changed.

As much as I want to respect President Obama, I am finding more and more that I cannot.  It has nothing to do with his policies.  It has everything to do with his crass behavior.  President Obama has spent a year and a half blaming the former President for every difficulty he’s had.  He called the president names.  He’s accused him of low intelligence.  He’s accused him of stealing via oil companies.  He’s accused him of not caring about America.  He’s accused him of lying to start a war.  If you believed all the things the current President has said about the previous President, you would believe Bush should be shot for treason.

No only has President Obama attacked former President Bush, but he has attacked the American people as well.  He has sent (or allowed) top staff members to say terrible things about Americans involved in the Tea Parties.  He’s had staff members call them fascists, racists and other derogatory names.  He verbally attacked police office Sergeant Crowley over the arrest of a black college professor Henry Louis Gates without finding out any facts.  That is other than Sergeant Crowley is white and professor Gates is black.  He accused 70% of the state of Arizona (the 70% that supports the immigration law) of being racists.  He stood with the Mexican President while the man slandered one of our states and the people of that state.  The Democrats gave the man a standing ovation when he slandered Arizona in a speech to Congress.

Under President Obama’s example, the Speaker of the House and the President of the Senate now feel comfortable calling the Republicans Nazis.  Think about that for a second.  The Nazis were responsible for murdering, outside of warfare: 6 million Jews, 3.3 million Soviet POW’s, 2 million non-Jewish Polish, 270 thousand Gypsies, 250 thousand handicapped, 15 thousand homosexuals, 5 thousand Jehovah’s Witnesses.  These people were monsters of the worst kind.  Approximate 25% of those were children under the age of 15!  That’s nearly 3 million children.  The entire population of South Carolina is a little over 4.5 million.  If the ratios stay the same, that is every single child in South Carolina 3 times!  Hitler’s war also killed over 24 million soldiers and over 45 million civilians in addition to those of the Holocaust listed above.

This is what Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and by negligent consent President Obama are accusing respected leaders of being.  They are openly comparing Republican leaders and former presidents to the worst monsters this world has ever seen.  I am a conservative and I want conservative laws passed and true freedom to return to this country.  But that is the realm of politics and elections.  This behavior has nothing to do with politics it is pure hatred.  You cannot say the things the leaders of the Democratic Party have been saying about Republicans and conservative groups without pure hate in your heart.  This is a one-sided issue.  Look at the facts; don’t take my word for it.  Search for yourself.  I challenge anyone to find Republican or conservative groups saying or doing some of the same things.

Isn’t it time We the People decided to stop electing and supporting those who are so full of hate that they can’t recognize the difference between Hitler and someone who has an opposing opinion?  Elect a Democrat is that is what your politics are.  Just elect someone with character.


4 Comments to “Respect”

  1. Please understand that there is a parallel between Nazism and republicanism. No, they’re not the same, but there’s a similar parallel between socialism and democratism.
    Unfortunately, when it comes to politics, there are no adults in the room.

  2. I maintain a simple policy when it comes to that last comment, Kip. No matter what political scholars say about philosophical similarities that may exists between any of the many “-isms” out there, no one deserves to be compared to Hitler and Nazism until less they drag people out of their beds and night and kill them. No one. Ever.

  3. I really liked this piece.

  4. Thank you for the compliment, Pilgrim.

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