The Only Solution to Health Care

Contributed by Rusty DePass

The United States has the finest health care delivery system in the world.  Oh, I know you occasionally run into someone who says the system in France or Cuba or Canada is better, but you may be reasonably assured that those people are (1) Democrats, (2) stupid or gullible or both, and (3) inveterate liars or at a minimum willing to tell any kind of tall tale for the sake of their politics.  Am I repeating myself?

The simple fact is that people from all over the world come to this country for medical treatment if they can afford it.  Virtually no one—certainly no one with any intelligence—goes to another country to be treated for a serious medical condition.

Everyone in this country gets treated no matter who he is or what his financial condition is.  Wetbacks come over here and have children at our expense who become anchor babies and that gets into the whole immigration thing, which is not the subject of this article, but the point is no one in this country is refused treatment.

The problem is basically this: people are living too long and they cost too much in the final years of their lives.  So old people have to be denied treatment or we’ll go broke.  Really, really sick people have to be allowed to die because it costs too much to keep them alive.  There are way too many women having babies they can’t afford so we need to abort as many as possible.

What the O-bots (Michael Graham’s term) in Washington finally had to admit was that the problem is not with the health care delivery system but with health insurance.  Ah, so how to get health insurance for everyone?

Well, living is not exactly like driving a car so you can’t make everybody buy health insurance—at least that’s what we thought.

Everybody who has good health insurance has to be brought in line with everybody who has none.  The great equalizer.  This sounds like being in the Army—at least some regimented society.  Are you connecting the dots yet?

There have been a series of numbers of the people who don’t have health insurance and reasons why they don’t.  They don’t want it, they don’t think they need it,   they can’t afford it.

Problem, meet the solution: A “Doc in a Box!”  Such is the pejorative term used to describe small medical facilities available to “them asses” who don’t have doctors they can call their own.

The U. S. government needs to own and operate something like a “Doctor’s Care” facility in every county in the country.  They can hire their own doctors and nurses and buy their own drugs and supplies from wherever they can get the best deal.  Everyone who has no health insurance simply goes to this facility when he gets sick. The federal government is so concerned about the health care of these people that I’m sure they will operate a quality clinic.  Existing facilities will not object because they can get back to treating paying customers the way they have always wanted.

The rest of us can have our health care providers continue to do the things they do now.  We will continue to try to beat the prices down but our insurance carriers will not be taken over or run out of business by the government.

End result: everyone who has no insurance will buy it in order to escape the horrors of these federal clinics which will turn into hotbeds of angry, delusional sick people who expect the government to do for them what all you Obamakins have promised.  And those who don’t will continue to be treated in the government clinics.

I’m willing to wrangle with the Baptist Hospital over a $10 per aspirin charge to keep from being pushed over in a corner at age 62 and told it’s too expensive to replace my knee or remove my cataract.

You may have made your bed but you have no right to make me lie in it.


2 Comments to “The Only Solution to Health Care”

  1. I agree.

    What has happened in this country in the last 18 months of Chairman Zero’s rule is a travesty. If I had wanted to live with wannabe Communists in a banana republic, I would have previously thought a move would be required.

    Remember in November!

  2. Your solution, of course, makes total sense, but Obamacare has nothing to do with healthcare or insurance. Its all about government takeover of all aspects of our lives, from cradle to grave, and never-ending liberal control of that government. Conservatives and Tea Partiers talk about repealing the healthcare bill, but already I can hear the cries of “They want to take away your healthcare!” and “Conservatives just want people to DIE!” and so forth. For the same reasons nothing ever gets done about Social Security, Obama knows he can easily demonize anyone who tries to touch the healthcare issue, and his willing accomplices in the media will help out by running innumerable stories all about the poor and downtrodden who will “suffer” if the bill is repealed. The big question is: Will we fall for this liberal bullcrap once again and finally become the socialist dictatorship Obama and the Democrats are striving for, or will enough people understand what is truly at stake and call for an end to this “fundamental transformation” despite the deceitful efforts of the left?

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