The Sinking Ship of Health Care “Deform”

Contributed by the misplacedmtnman*

Not so long ago I remember hearing Harry Reid quote statistics documenting how many poor, unfortunate people were dying every day because the “historic” health care bill had not been passed. Well, it passed, and now I don’t hear much about it. Despite the fact that none of the benefits of this all-inclusive miracle cure have been enacted, I guess all those people stopped dying, knowing help was on the way.

As usual, the left in this country have used the isolated sob stories of a select few to steamroll a massive increase in government control over the rest of us. I don’t know why the public keeps falling for this tactic. I don’t know why more people don’t see that their freedoms and their country are slowly being taken away from them by these progressives.

Here’s my take on Health Care Reform for what it’s worth, which is exactly what you paid for it. The way I see it, health insurance is like a fleet of lifeboats. There are a lot of people who can be helped by the lifeboats, but there are some individuals still left in the water. Those who got in the lifeboats did not throw the others out, and want with all their hearts to help these poor souls, but what can they do? They were advised to get into a lifeboat and so they did! They took the time to consider the matter, and spent a lot of their hard-earned money to secure themselves a safe spot in advance. Why is it their fault that there are some still left to be saved?

Now, some of those in the water are there because they chose to be, and that’s where they wish to remain. They don’t care about the lifeboats. That’s fine. They’re young and healthy and can take care of themselves. But perhaps there are some in the water who did want to get into a lifeboat but for some reason they couldn’t. They were distracted by other more pressing concerns, maybe were putting it off for some reason or another, or were prevented from getting in a boat because of other restrictions. These people really need help.

But there are others, many others, who are not even registered passengers and therefore were not even supposed to be on this voyage! Where’d all these stowaways come from? They’ve been sneaking into boats, taking up space that was intended for legitimate passengers, and now the whole system is in danger of collapsing!

What the Democrats have done to solve this problem is force a ramshackle, completely unaffordable plan down the throats of us all, essentially ordering everyone into the boats, despite the catastrophic results. Instead of devising a plan to call for backup, expand the fleet of lifeboats or perhaps provide some other type of flotation devices, they have commanded everyone to simply rush the boats and jump in.

This, of course, is completely unsustainable, will inevitably sink all the lifeboats and drown everyone, but at least these brilliant politicians have given some “hope” to those in the water that they too might be saved. It was with great pride and humble compassion that they enacted their grandiose plan – despite its many flaws – which they promise will fix everything in due time if everyone will just shut up and tread water for a few more years.

What the Democrats have done is ruin the entire system for everyone, while they stand smiling and congratulating themselves on the deck of the sinking ocean liner, knowing full well that a congressional rescue helicopter will be arriving shortly to whisk them away from the problem below.

* Check out this and other posts from the author at the mixed-up mind of the misplacedmtnman


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