On Charlie Bolden

Contributed by Rusty DePass

Major General Charles F. Bolden is a native of Columbia, SC, and a retired U. S. Marine Corps officer.  The son of the football coach at C. A. Johnson High School, Charlie received an appointment to the U. S. Naval Academy and had a distinguished career in the Marine Corps.

He served in Vietnam and as a Marine aviator flew more than 100 missions.  He was chosen to be an astronaut and piloted two missions in the Space Shuttle Columbia, one of which placed the Hubbel telescope in operation.  Later he commanded the Space Shuttle Atlantis and the Space Shuttle Discovery, the latter of which was the first joint U. S. /Russian space shuttle mission.  Those missions all have number and letter designations but they don’t mean much to us mortals.

He left the space program in the 1990’s and returned to the Marine Corps, rising to the rank of Major General before retiring.  After successfully competing for a few years in the private business world, he was nominated by President Obama to be administrator of the National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA).

Suffice it to say, this guy knows his stuff and he has put in more than his time.

Not only that, he is a good guy, a pleasant, friendly person whom I have admired since way before I ever met the man.

Recently he has been ridiculed because of the remarks he made in an interview with Al-Jezzera about how he wanted to use his position as administrator of NASA to reach out to Muslims and make them feel good about their contributions to science and engineering.

Now I think it’s a safe bet that Charlie Bolden didn’t come up with that kind of goofiness on his own.  That’s the kind of stuff that had to emanate from the Oval Office itself.

We already know the president doesn’t want the United States doing anything out of the ordinary.  He has said so.  He wants us to take a back seat to other nations.  No more going to the moon or complex space exploration, just see if you can make the Muslims feel good about themselves. A program to promote self-esteem for Muslims at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration: what a great idea!  Why didn’t I think of that?

Perhaps he could talk about all of the Muslim astronauts there have been or the space exploration programs in countries awash with the riches of oil, that black gold that western companies have to get out of the ground for them.

Well, maybe he meant medical science, but all those wealthy sheiks come to the United States when they get really sick.

I don’t want to insult anybody and I would be the last guy on earth to get in the way of your worshipping whomever or whatever you want in whatever way you want, provided it didn’t endanger people or property, but have you ever been to a Muslim country or a Muslim city? Take western technology away from it and, frankly, you don’t have much of anything, let alone science.

But now, they are backing away from it.  The White House disavows any knowledge of Bolden’s remarks.  They want us to think Bolden is out there free-lancing and did this on his own.  Poppycock!  Do these people have no decency at all?

Charlie Bolden is probably one of the few decent appointments President Obama has made to anything.  Having grown up in the South in the 50’s and 60’s, he is proof positive that nothing holds back the success of blacks in society.

After the career he has had, he cannot possibly be comfortable taking on the task of furthering the Obama administration’s manic diminution of America.  What better spokesman for putting down America that a thoroughly patriotic, successful American, a man who could be the “poster boy” for the American dream.

No agency of government has done more to make Americans proud than NASA. I can think of nothing else in government that Americans could point to as proof that we are and always have been an exceptional people blessed by God with a magnificent destiny.

I admire General Bolden for accepting the call of his president and taking on this challenge, but let’s don’t make this good and decent and talented man or the accomplished team of experts at NASA into political prisoners.  Don’t make them say the stupid things the boss doesn’t want to say himself.

We’ll have a chance to turn that around in November of 2012.  Until then, our slogan should be “Free Charlie Bolden! Free NASA!”


One Comment to “On Charlie Bolden”

  1. Congratulations General Bolden on your exemplary service to your Country in the military and now the NASA space program. You make us proud and especially those of us in South Carolina as so well expressed by Dr. DePass.

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