Contributed by Vince Williams

In my last blog I discussed immigration.  It got a nice little debate going that ties in nicely to this topic, Diversity.  What does it mean when I say our country is diverse and how is that good for us.

America has the reputation of being a problem solving nation.  When the Tsunami hit Indonesia a few years ago nations around the world sent aid in the form of food, medical supplies, shelter, doctors and relief workers.  After about two weeks one the representatives of the Indonesian government was being interviewed and he was asked how things were going.  He said he wished that there were more Americans helping.  When asked why, he said that the Europeans (he specifically mentioned the French) talk about what they are going to do a lot, the American don’t talk about it, they just do it.

In the recent World Cup, the referees were the story in the opening rounds.  Their blown calls and mistakes in the American games nearly got us knocked out of the tournament for the third time by referee decisions.  After the amazing win against Algeria in the third game Landon Donovan was interviewed.  He was asked about all the poor calls by referees.  He answered: We don’t focus on that.  We don’t worry about that.  We are Americans we know there is a job that has to be done and we just do it.

I could give thousands of examples of that American Spirit some that many of you would understand with just one word (how about “nuts” anyone).  Where does that come from?  It is a Caucasian thing?  Did we get that drive because our first Ancestors came from Western Europe?  No.  We got that because of our immigrant mentality.  Look at the waves of people that have come to this country.  First there were the Pilgrims.  They wanted religious freedom.  They were willing to risk their lives for the right to worship any way they wanted.  They were followed by the people fleeing the Gentry classes of Europe.  That group wanted land.  They wanted to come here to own something that was denied them in Europe.  Then we had the Italians, Irish, Chinese all fleeing something.  All coming to America wanting something so bad they were willing to give it all to try to achieve it.  In the midst of all of those waves of immigrants we had another group of people that while they had been here for generations wanted something just as badly, the black slaves.

We are the melting pot.  For some reason, I believe it was God’s will for our country to be a blessing to the world, instead of all these pieces fracturing like so many other countries we blended into a conglomerate.  Sometimes it was hard, sometimes it was easy, but the mix was just right.  Let me give you an example.  White Europeans mostly came here to own something.  They had worked for the gentry in Europe for generations and were basically serfs.  They came here because they wanted something to call MINE.  For them, working was an obligation.  You had to work because you had to own something.  The freed slaves were given their freedom after generations of working for nothing.  They had seen the cost of being rich.  For them, owning something didn’t make you valuable, being free made you valuable.  They worked so they could enjoy their freedom.  If you look at the history of the Gullah people on the barrier Islands of South Carolina, they worked during the week as much as they had to to provide for their family, but they celebrated life and family the rest of the time.  Look at how these two cultures have blended today.  We are a very industrial nation, who loves its freedom and pleasure.

I wouldn’t want to forget the Indians.  Yes the Indians are a proud part of our culture.  They too have immersed themselves in America, as much as any peoples.  From the American Indian we got the love of nature and the love of the land.  The Indians taught us that the land has value that is more important the just breaking sod and chopping wood.  Americans love and value their land more than just about any country in the world.

You could take the American culture and break it apart piece by piece and find the best parts of cultures around the world mixed in.  We have a genius of taking the good and throwing out the bad.  That is why immigration is good for America.  Immigrants are people who know what we have forgotten.  There are bad people in the world.  Bad people who want to take away your freedom and control you.  They want to come here to get away from that and fulfill their dream.  We need to listen to the new immigrants to our country, because the truth is, they are closer to understanding our Founding Fathers than we are.


3 Comments to “Diversity”

  1. Wow. Never pegged you for a soft-hearted liberal, Vince. 🙂

  2. I’m not a soft hearted liberal. Soft hearted sometimes, never liberal. The most conservative people in this country are the immigrants (the ones that came here the right way) who understand what oppression really is and wanted to escape it. I want more of those people here. They are the ones that can help to change the hearts and minds of the democrats that are turning into socialists. They have real life experiences dealing with government oppression that they can share. All you and I can do is say is, “do you want to be like…” Then try to convince them our way is best.

  3. You know what I would love to see? I would love to see a townhall meeting between 50,000 new immigrants from Cuba and Michael Moore. That would be a show worth watching!

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