My platform… one day

Contributed by iPlan

In the summer when I don’t have anything else to do, I make up campaign platforms for the day when my wife will give me the “green light” to run for office. So, when I get the green light, I’ll put these issues on my platform.

Serious Issues:

1.  Elimination of the State Income Tax.  Hey, if those displaced yankees in Florida can do it why can’t we?

2.  Unemployment Reform.  When I’m king, it will be a felony for you to work for 12 weeks in the summer as a college student, then ask your boss to fire you on your last day so that you will be able to collect unemployment while you return to college for the entire fall and spring semester.  Someone really needs to look into this situation as it theft plain and simple.  This is all the rage in Myrtle Beach.

3.  Begin a high profile campaign for exploratory oil drilling on land and off the shores of South Carolina.  Is there any coal we can mine for, how about copper?  As I see it, if there is wealth lying in the ground, it’d do us good to pick some of it up.

More Serious Issues:

1. Push for an amendment that would require a single ticket for Governor and Lt. Governor.  Add to that making all the other jobs Sec. Of Education, Agriculture, etc, direct appointments by the governor.

2.  Roll Call votes on every bill.  Okay, I stole that one from Nikki Haley, but it’s a good idea.

3.  Sell Billy Dreher Island (a pristine island on Lake Murray) to the highest bidder for commercial and residential development.  Not only will the sale of Billy Dreher Island generate millions (possibly as much as $25 million) ~ the annual property taxes on the newly deemed “private” property will be a consistent boon to Newberry County.

Most Serious Issue:

1.  Place term limits on Jake Knotts.  I was never a fan of “King Of The Hill” until I heard Jake Knotts address a crowd at a recent MMA fight.  That’s when I realized that “Boomhauer,” a character in King of the Hill, is actually based on a real ‘character’  ~ who incidentally hales from Lexington, SC.

Final Thought:

“It only stands to reason that where there’s sacrifice, there’s someone collecting the sacrificial offerings. Where there’s service, there is someone being served. The man who speaks to you of sacrifice is speaking of slaves and masters, and he intends to be the master.” ~ Ayn Rand

Your suggestions are requested ~ never know when I’ll get the green light!


3 Comments to “My platform… one day”

  1. You got my vote…..

  2. I read this with interest. I cant tell what is serious and what is not. Maybe all of it is.
    As for taxes, there is a way to increase government services and eliminate most all taxes.
    We are attempting to run this state in the 21st century using 18th century revenue vehicles.
    Altranate revenue sources abound but are ignored which hurts our economy and keeps a tax burden unnecessarily.
    Lets celebrate freedom and allow casinos and horseracinfgand lets tax the heck out of it. We increase jobs and raise huge revenue to offset the tax burden.
    Lets revitalize our rural communites.
    Lets consolidate government.
    Lets sell or use unused state land.
    Lets sell ads on school buses.
    Lets modernize our annexation laws.
    There is a way to eliminate state income and property taxes with no loss of services.
    By the way, jake knotts is a friend. He is a good man and has done this state and his district alot of good.

  3. ^The only non-serious issue listed is the last one (listed in an attempt at humor as “Most Serious Issue #1). ~ which was imposing term limits on Jake Knotts. To tell you the truth, I actually plan on running against Jake as a democrat (since he runs unopposed after the republican primary). It’d be a cakewalk. You know, pay the filing fee, and keep your head low. In Lexington County you can win the Democrat nomination with just your vote (as there are zero Democrats running for office). Once you win the Democrat nomination, then you announce that you’re going to run on the platform that as soon as you get elected, you’re going to switch parties (and lay out the above campaign platform). I’m sure The State would cover it, and it’d be free advertizing for the campaign.

    Jake is a bit to liberal for me ~ as is John McCain, and Lindsay Graham. I hope I didn’t offend.

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