Was a “hate crime” ignored in Philly?

Contributed by Jim Duffy

The recorded comments of one of the two Black Panthers, in front of the polling place in Philadelphia, on the day of the last Presidential election clearly fall in the category of “hate” crime activity. His statement that he wanted to “kill all white people” clearly defines a group and should, by the current definition, be considered as “hate” oriented.

The Justice Department determined that there was no case so dismissed any charges. Apparently this does not qualify as “hate” by some individuals. Given that posture it can be assumed that the defense for those charged with “hate” in the future will be dismissed because they did not rise to a level sufficient for the current administration of the Justice Department. Such a ruling by a member of a minority does little to bring races together.

The President stated that “togetherness” was one of his goals. Perhaps he meant making other minorities friends and ignoring “whites”. A sad day for justice in this nation.


One Comment to “Was a “hate crime” ignored in Philly?”

  1. You are correct, sir. “Hate crimes” are intentionally designed to punish white people exclusively, just as the word “racism” only applies to whites. Similarly, “diversity” programs are implemented to eliminate what guilt-ridden liberals consider “Caucasian culture.” I myself am “flesh-colored.”

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