Public Housing; Modern Day Segregationist Policy

Contributed by David John Weaver

Funny how Public Housing is usually all black families isn’t it? The question is, “is Public Housing helping or hurting the Black Community?” I propose that Public Housing is an anti-Black, Segregationist Policy that MUST go.

Is there a part of your city in which you won’t go? I bet there is if you have a Public Housing Project. Two come to mind immediately to me in the local area and both are crime ridden drug havens. We are not helping the Black Community, we are only hurting them more. It would be better if the needy lived in trailer parks or apartment complexes with the other citizens of the Nation. Instead, they are trapped by the government handouts that are supposed to help them. They live, generation to generation, in Public Housing.

For example, do you know of Cabrini-Green in Chicago? It was constructed between 1942 and 1962 by the Chicago Housing Authority. Over the last 50 years, drugs and gang warfare controlled the neighborhood. The Gangster Disciples controlled most of the Project. So many problems existed in Cabrini-Green that Chicago authorities order its demolition.

So, we think we’re helping but actually we are sending people to their deaths or harassment at the hands of gangs like the Gangster Disciples, the Crips, the Bloods, the Latin Kings, or La Eme.

I propose we close the projects and if we must, subsidize rent for one or two apartments per middle class neighborhood. This would put the needy in safer locations with better schools which would have a better chance of breaking the cycle of dependency and allow these folks to have a chance at the American Dream.


2 Comments to “Public Housing; Modern Day Segregationist Policy”

  1. This article is quite accurate. The problem is how do we break the cycle of poverty? We sure dont do it by rounding up all the poor people and herding them into ready made slums. Public housing as we do it is nuts.
    Im all for helping poor people. The problem here isnt black/ white. The problem is there is a culture of poverty and it grows when allowed to feed on itself.
    We set in place a financial scheme where rich people made millions building and financing low income housing. A dirty little secret is that our government worked with these developers to build these projects. The real welfare has been the tax breaks and subsidies given the developers who have made a fortune building these projects.
    Of course the way we do it is nuts. Just follow the money and you will see why its done like we do it. The rich get richer by building these things. And we still do it.
    No one really thinks we are helping the poor by building new slums. They just know there is good money in it.Its welfare for the rich and misery for the poor as the writer of this comment so accurately states.
    The problems of poverty still haunt this country. Yet our right wing friends make the money off them and then blame the poor for all the country’s ills. All the while, they are exporting jobs to other countries.
    How can we claim to be an industrialized nation if we dont make anything? Where are the jobs for the poor going to come from? Most of these folks are poor because they are ignorant. Do we really expect to place them in high tech jobs?
    Poverty is the main social problem we face. Get rid of it and problems with crime, drugs and pollution are drastically reduced. Yet, our response to the issues of poverty is to herd all the poor folks into one place.
    Wouldnt it be nice to see a real war on poverty. Of course, that would have to be done by the government and we cant have that. Such an absurd idea would be socialistic of course.So, who will do it. The answer, Im afraid, is no one.
    Go figure.

  2. In the early 90s I did volunteer work with a group called “Fairway Outreach” ~ and our particular target was the Hinley Homes Project near the USC Football stadium. The idea was to take the kids out and teach them how to play golf ~ a game they’d otherwise have no experience with. At the same time, we were teaching them to play golf, we also worked hard to demonstrate what life in the real world looked like, what the responsibilities of real men actually were, and most importantly that there was a way out through faith in Jesus.

    When I would go and pick them up, I was amazed at the number of people that lived in a single home. One of the kid’s grandmother had the home, but he lived there, with his mom, two aunts and their five children….. Stacked like chord wood. They pooled their welfare checks, and actually drove a few pretty nice cars.

    That said, over the course of several years of weekly trips to the golf course, summer golf camps, and weekend retreats, we saw significant changes in the kids. One of the kids graduated from high school and went to West Point, the other graduated from USC. Not everyone was a success, but many were.

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