Unions and Socialism go hand in hand

Contributed by David John Weaver

I love watching the news and seeing the riots in Greece and Spain. What a great model for the United States to follow on our path to Socialism, right? It’s amazing how the unions in both countries have caused the governments to go bankrupt and stop paying the bills. Yet, the unions are only out for themselves! They don’t care about Greece or Spain, they only want their paychecks and benefits. Our future as a nation is going to look much like Greece and Spain if we continue to fund the unions and support the companies they own; i.e. GM and Chrysler.

We’ve seen it recently with the Spirit Airlines pilot strike. Fuel prices are high, the economy sucks, and the Spirit Airlines pilots want more money. We’ve seen it on You Tube with Governor Christie of New Jersey smacking down the complaining teacher whose union was demanding more money as the State went bankrupt. The audacity of the unions and union members! They are nothing more than the “modern mob”. They don’t carry the guns any more and rough you up, but they do picket your houses and threaten your children.

Have you ever noticed how Union Membership is mandatory? Of course it is, because some of the “members” don’t agree with the Unions’ policies and tactics, but they need jobs to survive. Why is it that Unions can’t stand on their own without mandatory membership and government handouts; because most folks don’t agree with them.

What about the Union Leadership? They get paid well to run the Unions and lobby the government. What about the workers. Why are teachers, police, and firefighters paid so poorly for the service they provide; because each of those organizations are top heavy with almost as many administrators as workers. The government could pay them more if they didn’t have so much waste to “administration” if you understand my meaning.

The point is, the Unions are an arm of Socialism. Everyone’s equal. Everyone MUST participate. Everyone MUST join. Everyone MUST benefit (except non-members). Everyone will be ‘assimilated’. No individuals allowed.

When are we going to wake up and see unions for what they are today? The worker is not getting screwed now, it’s the companies and the taxpayers now. Unions are parasites on the body of the Nation; they just suck the blood until their is no more to suck.


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