‘NikkiWHO’ No Longer!

Contributed by iPlan

Simple steps Nikki Haley can take to become a heavy weight in SC Politics…

Nikki Haley reminds me of a Republican version of our current President; a stylish candidate with a short track record of success, and a campaign platform in significant need of ‘fine tuning.’

The day after she won the nomination, a man I have a great deal of respect told me he voted for her in the run-off because he “thought it would be neat to have a woman in the office.”  (no idea of her policies).  Another friend of mine vocalized the possibility of voting for the Democrat candidate so that we could get a “real conservative candidate” in there in 4 years.  He doesn’t think Nikki is conservative enough…

The slight irony is that, Nikki is the TEA Party candidate, and she won the nomination.  Conservatives need to support her, but she needs to rise up as well.  I hope that Sara Palin, and Mit Romney did their homework, and didn’t just endorse the candidate they perceived to be the likely winner in hopes of securing her endorsement come Presidential primary time.

Going forward, I’d encourage Nikki to get her platform down to simple slogans that clearly represent her policies, and repeat them at every opportunity.  It’s important that we know she’s not going to be a flop.

All these points are on Nikki’s website at www.nikkihaley.com

1.  New Flat Tax for Small Business Owners.

2.  Easier qualification for Concealed Weapons permits.

3.  Eliminate the state’s “governing class” by imposing state wide term limits (no more than 12 years total can be served in state-wide office).

4.  Education Reform ~ This is easily her least thought out position.  She needs work here.  She suggests District consolidation, which is a great idea, but then follows it with a dubious redistribution tactic.  Nothing specific listed.

5.  Immigration Reform:  SC will not be the destination of choice for illegal immigrants

6.  Health Care Reform:  Form a coalition of conservative governors to repeal the new Health Care Law.

A truly informed electorate is the difference between a successful republic, and tyranny.


3 Comments to “‘NikkiWHO’ No Longer!”

  1. iPlan – I can see your point but can a governor deliver any of these? They all seem to be legislative priorities and, as we know, in this state the governor has little to do with these issues and only moderate influence on those who do. I’m just asking.

  2. Shell:

    You’re right in the fact that the governor cannot deliver on any of these personally. Of course this is the irony of all executive branch campaigns… they can’t really enact their own solutions without the congress/ legislature first drafting the reforms for their consideration.

    needs strong allies in the legislature. Hopefully she has them.

  3. Hopefully she can rebuild all those bridges she burned as a House member. I just don’t want to see many House Republicans campaigning against her. Some will, but I just hope it’s not a big number.

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