What do we want?

Contributed by David John Weaver

Folks, what do we want for our Country? What policies do we need?

I propose term-limits for all Federal Elected Officials of no more than 12 years in any capacity or combination thereof. For example, you could serve on-term of US Congressman of two years and serve one-term as a US Senator of six years, you would only be able to serve one-term as President of four years for a total of 12 years. NO RETIREMENTS for any Federally Elected Officials! Send them back to their homes to go back to work and enjoy the legislation they’ve passed for us.

Another bright idea is the Flat Tax. Repeal the 16th Amendment and establish a Flat Tax of NO MORE THAN 10% to be collected at the point of sale. Income Taxes are “evil” and pit the lower, middle, and upper classes against each other. A Flat Tax is a fair tax that everyone pays when they spend their money. A millionaire spends more on his/her toys, therefore they pay more in taxes. A poor person spends less, so they pay less in taxes. It’s fair and unbiased taxation. Get rid of the Internal Revenue Service since they will no longer be required to audit tax returns. Include in this legislation a Federally Mandated Balanced Budget with Presidential Line Item Veto on any spending legislation. Include a provision for no deficit spending; you either have the revenue or you don’t.

Repeal the 17th Amendment of US Senators elected by Popular Vote. Senators chosen by the States’ Governors are assured of enacting legislation good for the States and not the Federal Government. This would remove the buddy-system of pork barrel legislation.

Out source the US Post Office. Bid a 6-year contract with Fed Ex, UPS, and any other private courier to have them deliver US Post Office mail. For the privilege of the contract, have them pay 10% of the profits to the US Treasury. Previous contract holder must opt-out of the succeeding contract, therefore preventing cronyism and monopolies. Let’s do the same for Amtrak.

These are starter ideas. What are yours?


One Comment to “What do we want?”

  1. Gotta say no to the term limits. I see your point and agree with the sentiment but in the end, the voters should be able to elect whomever they want, for better or worse.

    As far as the flat tax/fair tax/national sales tax proposal goes, I am right there with ya but the resistance will be enormous and it will take literally millions of Americans screaming for it in unison to pass. Think of all the lobbyist, accountants, tax lawyers, CFOs, etc. whose livelihoods depend on the current tax system and all its insane intricacies. I know there are US Senators who would love to push for this, but about 80 others would need to be replaced before that could ever happen.

    Don’t think appointing US Senators is the answer. The upper house is supposed to make decisions for the good of the union over that of their home states while the lower house is tasked with looking toward the interests of their state first, union second. Most pork is generated in the House anyway.

    Finally, your proposal to privatize the post office speaks to one of my most strongly held political beliefs. That is that we, over the years, have burdened our government with many tasks government was never designed to do and, as a result, we get poor performance despite the best efforts of many well meaning and hard working government employees. That being said, the US Postal Service is a success story, if not financially, at least in performance. No other county in the world has anything close to our 2-3 day delivery rate for a letter – and that is even true for countries 1/10th our size. Yes, the USPS is losing money, but at least the service is solid.

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