You Want Clean Energy – Stop Coddling the Auto Unions!

Contributed by David John Weaver

It’s time to wake up! Oil prices are rising more and more daily. Now, with the Gulf Oil Spill reaching Day 54 and no end in sight, the Obama Administration has placed a 6 month moratorium on new drilling. This is an extremely short sighted position considering our Nation’s need for oil and the jobs it creates.

Almost everything we own has oil in it or in the manufacturing process. ALL plastic material is made of oil. Are you willing to give up your cars, your food products, and your electronics? Fine then, let’s plan to work ourselves off oil using our wits and not emotion.

We need to build nuclear power plants by the dozens. It’s possible to safely produce nuclear energy and refurbish the spent nuclear rods.

We need to put wind farms on our coasts and plains to utilize the natural electrical generating capabilities of the Earth.

Building solar farms is also a necessity in the desert southwest.

We also need to tap the earth’s energy near Yellowstone National Park, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, and Mount Saint Helens. It is possible to do this safely and with little damage to the environment.

Now, all of these options will provide us clean energy so we can move away from coal and oil. But, more needs to done.

It’s imperative to quit using the classic automobile. It not only burns oil, it’s made with plastic throughout which is made of oil. WE MUST MAKE different vehicles. We must divorce ourselves of our support of the auto manufacturers and their unions which force us to continue to use oil. Isn’t it ironic that the same people who want us to stop using oil are also the same folks who unconditionally support the car manufacturers and unions?

Wake up America! If you want clean energy and to move away from oil, we must FIRST STOP coddling our unions.


One Comment to “You Want Clean Energy – Stop Coddling the Auto Unions!”

  1. I don’t think the public has a grasp on just how politically influential these unions really are. The scariest part is that many of the members of the unions themselves do not agree with the political positions taken by the unions but membership is required in order to keep their jobs. Its criminal!

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