What is Freedom?

Contributed by Vince Williams

There is a great commercial on TV now.  It is the commercial that ends with George Washington standing in front of a Dodge Challenger and the closing line, “Here are a couple of things America got right, cars and freedom.”  Unfortunately, that commercial no longer rings true.

Prior to the un-Constitutional takeover of our country by the government, the decision makers in our country were the families.  The families decide such simple things as: When to go to the doctor/dentist and how to pay for it by negotiation with the doctor/dentist; When to retire and how much to save for retirement and where to invest it; How to educate the children; Which church to attend;  How much prayer and Bible reading should be included in a child’s education; How to take care of a neighbor who is sick or widowed.  Through these choices the families decided what kind of society we were going to have.  They decided what kind of children they were going to raise.  They decided all of the life and death decisions for themselves and their loved ones based on their personal beliefs, knowledge and dreams.  They made the choices that they believed were right for their betterment.

Then the progressive/liberal/socialist movement started to get a toe hold in our country and things started to change.  There was always a good reason for the change.  People are out of work and can’t afford to save, let’s start Social Security to help them.  Elderly people can’t afford the higher cost of medical expenses that is a natural result of the aging process, let’s start Medicaid and Medicare.  People have a hard time getting a loan for a house, let’s start Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  We are having a down-turn in the economy, let’s start Unemployment Compensation.  Truly, the road to slavery has been paved with good intentions.  I always find it strange that people forget the past.  We didn’t have starvation in this country before social security, welfare, WIC, Unemployment Compensation, etc.  We didn’t have people dying in the streets before Medicare and Medicaid.  When people had to choose to take care of themselves or their neighbor, they did.

Look at what you cannot do today.  You cannot use the 15.3% of your income (yes your employer does count his “matching contribution” as part of your income) that the Federal Government takes to save for your own retirement, medical expenses and emergency funds.  You cannot borrow money without proving to the bank AND the government that you are capable of buying a house (that worked out well didn’t it).  You cannot tell your children’s teacher that you don’t want them to be taught the atheistic version of evolution in public schools.  You cannot stop your schools from teaching your children about sex.  You cannot stop your schools from investigating YOU if you complain.  Try to stop your government from spending your tax money to; pay for abortions in foreign countries, buy entire car corporations, buy banks, buy insurance companies, buy mortgage loan companies, build a multi-million dollar bridge for squirrels in Arizona.  Try to tell your government that you won’t pay any more taxes while they continue to spend more and more and more of your money, your children’s money and your grand-children’s money.  Try going one year without paying the property tax on your property and keeping your house.  Try building a house on your property or expanding your house for a needy family member without asking permission from the government.

Now here we sit today.  We are about to be forced to purchase a gold plated health insurance plan or pay a fine.  The government is trying its hardest to try to force us to pay a tax on carbon.  You are limited in which insurance companies you can buy from.  You are limited in where you can buy your power, cable and list of other things longer than I have room for.  You have to pay the government a tax every year for the privilege of keeping your very own property.  If I were to try to list all the things you can no longer do, I would still be working on this blog when the next election rolled around.  There is, in fact, very little we can do without first getting permission from the government.

So where did we start to go wrong.  It’s very simple, we started to go wrong when we allowed politicians to decide that we are incapable of making the good choices and allowed them to force us to make them.  Once we gave them that first taste of the power of a slave master, we started down the road to tyranny.  You see Freedom is choosing to do right when wrong is allowed.  Freedom is responsibility.  Freedom is discipline, work and sacrifice for a dream of a better tomorrow.  We gave up our freedom when we gave up the right to choose to do the right thing.  The question is, will we remember what freedom really is before it is too late?


3 Comments to “What is Freedom?”

  1. Great article!

    I agree that the boot on the neck metaphor needs to be reversed from it’s current connotation. It has been forgotten that, in this country, the government gets it’s authority and power by the consent of the governed. They work for us and not the other way around. This is spelled out very clearly in both the 9th and 10th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

    And now a Senate Committee has voted, unanimously I might add, to give Chairman 0 an “Internet Kill Switch.” I wonder how long before he decides that he has had enough of “conservative hate speech” such as this article that you wrote. You better hurry up and pen another piece whilst you have the chance!

  2. Thanks Paul,

    I can’t wait to see yours up on the website.

  3. Vince,

    Great article. “Mega Dittos”

    In a couple of states where I am registered as a Professional Engineer, I have to pay a “Professional Privilege Tax.” I don’t know about you, but it didn’t feel like like a privilege when I was studying at all hours to earn my degree and working all hours to earn my right to become a licensed PE.

    I am proud to be an American. However, I am becoming more and more ashamed at the direction our great country is going.

    Keep up the good work, Vince.

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