My Own Little Soapbox

Contributed by Jamie Lee Rogers

I have always wanted an outlet so that I could express the way I felt about South Carolina Politics and local politics, my parents on the other hand feel that I may feel way too strongly about politics and that I am “attached” to the idea of myself being in politics. It is highly possible that I am way too involved, but that’s not the point, the point is that I have ideas that need to be expressed and heard by all the people of South Carolina.

I have been involved in the political arena since the age of 14 when I interned for Senator Lindsey Graham and worked on my first campaign, Victory 2004.

Right from the moment that I began working with others and was exposed to ideals that I had never heard of before I was intrigued and had to learn more. I researched what the values of the Republican Platform and what they meant as well as why people believed in them as much as they did.

The one ideal that I believe the strongest in is Limited Government, I don’t feel the government should have a hand in everything that I do on a daily basis; which in other words means that I don’t believe that the Federal Government should infringe upon citizens rights and state’s rights (i.e. The Recent Health Care Reform of 2010). The Federal Government should have no say in our daily lives and should not interfere in the way that a state runs itself, but the constitution says otherwise. Yes, states have the right to create their own laws and have the right to govern its citizens in whatever manner they see fit but the Federal Government seems to think that it can override the constitution as it did with the recent health care reform.

The second ideal that I feel strongly about is that of that of civil rights and liberties, accordingly there is a constitutional amendment on banning same sex marriages but each state also have a say in whether they will ban or recognize same sex marriages. According to what we have always been taught marriage is the union between one man and one woman. That is neither here nor there, because in today’s society people are going to do what they want to and if they feel that they should have what is called a “partner” then maybe we should allow them to do what they want to, even though I will always believe that marriage is the sacred union between only a man and a woman (strong support for traditional marriage that is).  Another issue that I feel strongly about is that we should support the advancement of women in the military; they are human just as all men are and if they wish to fight to protect their freedom and country then we should allow them.

As we progress in time and our beliefs change, our ideals should remain the same and we should be open to sharing them with others and expressing our dismay at the world around us. In the mean time we should fight for what we believe in and not what others want us to believe in!


2 Comments to “My Own Little Soapbox”

  1. Am glad to have a forum to let you know how I feel about Lindsey Graham…VOTE HIM OUT.

    Gramnesty is always trying to be popular…to be in the news…he has no principles…he will say anything to get himself in the news.

    Nuff said.

  2. I totally agree with Lee- Vote Graham out. He has not been the representative voice of conservatism. He is conservative when it suits his needs. He is RINO, just like McCain. He has pandered to the left for too long now. Time for him to go !

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