Where in the world is Marko?

Contributed by Karen T. Owens

And maybe more importantly, is there anyone out there who still cares? About the whereabouts of our lame duck Governor Mark Sanford that is.

Today’s State reports that he’s flown the coop again without alerting Lieutenant Governor Andre Bauer but has been in touch with his staff. Thank goodness for that! And SLED Director Reggie Floyd says he knows where he is but feels that’s the duty of the Governor’s Office to share with our citizens. 

Big whoop if he’s taken some vacation time. He could be strolling down the streets of Argentina for all I care because he really doesn’t have any purpose to serve for the rest of his term in my estimation. He’s finished with vetoes, buoyed probably that some were sustained. He’s not been aggressively involved in much else accept naysaying deals by the SPA to sell Port Royal property that he pushed for. Maybe he’s working up his comments on the rebuffed sale of the Bull Street property to an Upstate developer? Based on my experience, I’m pretty certain he’s not out wooing big economic development prospects. Not in this heat!

So my advice to Mark “I’m still in charge until mid-January” Sanford is keep a low profile, don’t offer up any personal advice in front of a microphone and try to stay out of the tabloids for the next six months and we’ll all be happy to salute you as you ride your ten-speed back down to your plantation or the nearest airport, whichever is closest to taking you off the South Carolina radar for good!


2 Comments to “Where in the world is Marko?”

  1. It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since all that news broke. Seems like 10 years! The Appalachian Trail scandal kicked off what has to be the strangest 12 months in the political history of a state with a long history of strange politics! I mean, think about it. Mark Sanford. Jenny Sanford. Maria Whatshername. Joe “You Lied” Wilson. Rusty “Open Mouth, Insert Foot” DePass. That dude who was “loving” somebody’s horse… twice. Nikki Haley + Will Folks + Larry Marchant. Grand Dragon Jakie Knotts. Alvin Greene. Who am I leaving out?

  2. Nice bitter grapes, Karen. Spin, spin, spin away your distorted views.

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