On Al Greene – Candidate for US Senate

Contributed by iPlan

It’s not Al Greene’s fault that the average Democrat voter in South Carolina is a complete idiot.  Having him removed from the ballot is a breach of state law.  Al Greene meets all the age and citizenship requirements for a candidate for US Senate.  He paid his registration/ filing fee on time.  He won over 50% of the vote in the primary.  He is the Democrat’s nominee for US Senator. 

Just because uninformed South Carolina Democrats thought they were voting for a soul singer of nearly the same name (Al Green) DOES NOT disqualify Al Greene (the politician) from running as the nominee.  If it disqualifies anything, it should be the people who voted for him.

Some elite SC Democrats want to blame his election win on voter fraud, or a republican conspiracy, but the reason for the mixup is in his name.  Rank and file SC Democrats voted for Al Greene (the politician) because they thought they were voting for Al Green (the soul singer).

Think back to the time when Eddie Murphy was in funny movies (I know that was a long time ago), and see if you can recall watching “The Distinguished Gentleman.” ~ Sometimes Truth is stranger than fiction.”

Who is Al Green, the soul singer?  http://www.algreenmusic.com/


2 Comments to “On Al Greene – Candidate for US Senate”

  1. I just made this comment on the other Alvin Greene blog post and hit holds true for this one as well:

    Anybody can elect a governor or senator who embarrasses your state. Happens all the time. South Carolina. Illinois. New York. You name it. But the Greene election is different. This time the shame isn’t on the candidate. This time it’s on the voters. Of all the political embarrassments I can remember in our state, the election of Alvin Greene by the Democrats is the most humiliating. It reflects poorly on every voter who casted a ballot for him. Criticize Carol Fowler all you want but this one is one the people who voted.

  2. Why is the vote for Mr. Greene a surprise? It is not a question of ignorance nor lack of understanding. Mr. Greene ran in a Democratic Party primary. Historically, in a general election, Black voters in South Carolina vote 96 percent Democratic and probably 99 percent vote for a Black candidate. All that voters did in this election was vote their normal pattern and yet Demiocratic leadership purports to be astounded at the vote a Black Democratic candidate received. Shocking. By the same token a Black candidate in a Republican primary defeated eight other candidates for the office. Astonishing to those that continue to inject race in every camapign.

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